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Are you looking to grow sales and increase your brand awareness amongst the UK hotelier community?

The Hotel Industry Brand is designed to do just that. We connect hoteliers and hotel suppliers by publishing “actionable intelligence” for key decision makers in the UK hotelier community.

Key Features:

  • 30,000 Digital Readership Reach
  • 10,000 UK Hoteliers
  • Decision-Maker Focused
  • Exclusivity for Advertisers
  • Quality Content Marketing Model

Why Advertise

We have moved away from traditional display adverts (research suggests they are becoming less effective and a “passive” medium).

Rather, we embrace the unrivalled marketing power of editorial.

Every digital issue of Hotel Industry curates our best content on a specific topic to provide UK hoteliers with a single source of business-critical intelligence … And we invite our advertisers and sponsors to be part of our editorial process.

This content-led approach brings improved benefits to our advertisers:

  • 100% READER ATTENTION: With only one sponsor per digital issue, we ensure that your message is not diluted by fellow advertisers competing for the attention of the reader.
  • LONGEVITY: The move away from an issue-by-issue model increases the longevity of our content and our partner’s campaign.

We are no longer producing disposable magazines; we are now producing digital “handbooks” on hotel operations that will be referred to again and again!

By actively engaging with hoteliers, we have created a highly-targeted, versatile and affordable marketing channel for advertisers. So, cut to the quick and sell to UK hotels more effectively!

To discuss how we can help you build a cost-effective campaign, please contact Lee Jamieson on

Sales Contact:

Lee Jamieson
Editor and Commercial Director


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