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How big is the UK Hotel Industry? A seemingly simple question, yet one that is impossible to answer.

Key Figures:

  • Number of UK hotels: 45,000
  • Number of UK hotel Rooms: 730,258
  • UK hotel industry annual turnover: £40bn

Conservative estimates

As there is no all-inclusive register of serviced accommodation in the UK, the figures here represent “hotels only” and does not include any self-catering accommodation, residential training or university accommodation.

Therefore, we have used data from Melvin Gold Consulting to construct this resource – one of the best respected data sources on this subject.

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UK Hotel Supply Structure

Of the 730,258 hotel rooms in the UK, the largest segment is now independent hotels (51%). Corporate branded hotels make up 44.3%, and just 4.7% are consortia.

Our interactive graph enables you to explore the number of rooms within each market segment:

Source: Melvin Gold Consulting Ltd.

The estimated number of hotels in the UK is 45,000, comprising 730,258 rooms. On average the UK hotel has 16.2 rooms each.

An interactive breakdown is provided below

However, an exact number is difficult to establish because of the fragmented nature of the UK hotel industry. The interactive table below is drawn from the Melvin Gold Consulting Ltd database, with accurate numbers on hotels with 26+ rooms. Smaller establishments with 25 rooms and less are notional estimates.

Source: Melvin Gold Consulting Ltd.

Developments and Trends:

We can expect the following developments and trends from the UK hotel industry:

  • Strong further growth, mainly branded, with continuing closures of independent hotels
  • Corporate branded and consortia hotels to exceed 68.5% of supply by 2030 (from present 49.0%)
  • Expect 856,750 rooms by 2030, with some 224,266 of these rooms being branded budget
  • Asset light strategy will suit some but not all
  • Interesting recent development with specialist management companies emerging, separately to developers

Source: Melvin Gold Consulting Ltd.

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