Timeline: Food and Beverage

  1. 7 January 2014
    Should Food Hygiene Ratings be Mandatory? Should Food Hygiene Ratings be Mandatory?

    Calls have been made for the mandatory display of food hygiene ratings on outlet doors. Should it be mandatory for food hygiene ratings to be displayed?

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  2. 6 January 2014
    Sales Growth in 2014: Casual Dining and Coffee Shops Will Be First to Benefit Sales Growth in 2014: Casual Dining and Coffee Shops Will Be First to Benefit

    spending. However, the coffee market is becoming a crowded marketplace. Leading operators will have to improve their food offer further and could face the prospect of having to discount the price of their coffee in order to win further marketshare.

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  3. 30 December 2013
    New F&B Technology will Accelerate Pace of Change in 2014 New F&B Technology will Accelerate Pace of Change in 2014

    Pub and restaurant operators must embrace new technologies in order to be successful in 2014 and beyond as the pace of change in the sector is going to accelerate even further.

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  4. 7 May 2013
    F&B Sector to Recover F&B Sector to Recover

    F&B in the UK is finally stabilising, with long-term growth predicted. Whilst sales of evening meals are in decline, growth will be spurred in areas like snacking, which is expected to rise.

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  5. 15 February 2013
    The Next Big Thing The Next Big Thing

    “What’s the next big thing in food Martin? I thought – should I buy a restaurant & be ready for it!”

    I’m probably like the local business advisor whom posed this question & then suggested he’d be ready for it. The hospitality business is made up of business owners who devote time to pondering, researching or trying to be at the fore front of the next big thing. Hospitality, catering, tourism, food it’s their business to know this.

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  6. 29 January 2013
    Christmas: F&B Downturn Christmas: F&B Downturn

    Eating out over Christmas sees downturn as consumers cut back on expenditure.

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  7. 14 December 2012
    Back To Basics Back To Basics

    I have been carrying out some research for a client based in the hospitality & tourism business. The body of research is based around new dinning trends & customer/consumer habits. Here’s a quote that I came across “I am looking for products and brands that are real, authentic and honest, because I know I can trust what’s in them and where they come from”. Catering for taste, or giving the customer what they want. I don’t believe this statement is a trend, if you run a pub hotel, restaurant, café then surely this should form the core of the kitchen or menu.
    Back to Basics still resonates among people in NI. Its Often is associated with, mums home cooking – balanced meals made from scratch or value ingredients.

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  8. 30 October 2012
    F&B Trends: The Future for Food Service F&B Trends: The Future for Food Service

    Longer opening hours and maximising space are the key areas for F&B operators to concentrate on in order to maximise profits.

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  9. 24 October 2012
    Food For All Seasons Food For All Seasons

    Martin Lynch on the seasonality of food.

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  10. 24 September 2012
    What to do with rising food costs What to do with rising food costs

    Menu planning and the importance of the menu is an essential tool in creating the power to bring customers in though your front door. The menu is a highly important factor not only because of its content but also in the way it is set out. The way dishes are displayed and its use to maximize profit. When creating the menu – it is vital you understand the basic principles

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  11. 24 September 2012
    F&B Trends: Lunch Sales Grow F&B Trends: Lunch Sales Grow

    The UK’s lunch market looks set to grow over the next 12 months as consumers increasingly eat out wherever they are, expect a wide choice of eating out options but often want something quick, cheap and easy-to-eat.

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  12. 10 September 2012
    F&B Trends for 2013 F&B Trends for 2013

    Quality food-on-the-go has become the key growth area in the UK’s eating out market with concepts consistently emerging in transport hubs and shopping centres as well as high streets locations, as consumers increasingly eat when they want, where they want.

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