About Hotel Industry Magazine

Described as “The Economist for hoteliers”, Hotel Industry Magazine is the leading publication for the UK hotel sector, providing actionable sector intelligence to its readers.

Key Features:

  • 30,000 Digital Readership Reach
  • 10,000 UK Hoteliers
  • Decision-Maker Focused
  • Exclusivity for Advertisers
  • Quality Content Marketing Model

As part of our long-term strategy to diversify Hotel Industry away from a traditional print publication, the magazine has taken on a new digital format.

Each issue curates our best content on a specific topic to provide you with a single source of intelligence to bring about positive change in your business.

Each issue brings improved benefits to both our readers and partners:

  • Clarity for readers: Unrivalled intelligence on a single topic
  • Clarity for partners: With only one sponsor per issue, we can provide exclusivity to our advertisers. This ensures that our partner’s message is not diluted by fellow advertisers competing for the same attention of the reader.
  • Longevity: The move away from an issue-by-issue model increases the longevity of our content and our partner’s campaign.

Our Vision

Ever since we launched in 2010, Hotel Industry Magazine has been built around a single vision:

Our Vision:
“Actionable Intelligence for Hoteliers”

In short, we recognise that, as a sector leading B2B magazine, we have a responsibility to produce features and analysis that are useful to hoteliers.

Never before has a trade publishing brand integrated so deeply into its industry, offering an unprecedented opportunity for advertisers to connect with key decision makers in the UK hotel industry.

We aim to:

  • INTEGRATE the Hotel Industry brand into the UK hotel industry to more closely meet the demands of hoteliers and hospitality professionals
  • BE USEFUL to the UK hotelier community through careful trend and data analysis
  • CONNECT key industry figures and leading suppliers through the Hotel Industry brand


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