About Hotel Industry Magazine

Hotel Industry Magazine is a leading resource for UK hoteliers, providing actionable sector intelligence to its readers.

Key Features:

  • Clarity for readers: Intelligence and thought leadership
  • Transparency: As part of our move to digital in 2015, we no longer rely on advertising revenue, providing a transparent voice for industry.

Our Vision

Ever since we launched in 2010, Hotel Industry Magazine has been built around a single vision:

Our Vision:
“Actionable Intelligence for Hoteliers”

In short, we recognise that we have a responsibility to produce features and analysis that are useful to hoteliers.

We aim to:

  • INTEGRATE the Hotel Industry brand into the UK hotel industry to more closely meet the demands of hoteliers and hospitality professionals, providing a platform for transparent discussion
  • BE USEFUL to the UK hotelier community through trend and data analysis
  • CONNECT key industry figures and leading suppliers through the Hotel Industry brand

Advertise and Partner

We no longer accept advertising revenue, but we do work with selected partners to produce discussion and insight for industry via the Hotel Industry brand.

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