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Monica Or, columnist and Hospitality Consultant at Star Quality Hospitality Consultancy discusses why the festive season is a time for giving and receiving..

The festive season is truly upon us as Christmas is just around the corner. In hospitality it is a hectic time, as we run around so our guests receive memories to treasure. It can also be one of the most stressful times. Imagine you are about to cook Christmas dinner for a hotel full of guests and you have a power cut. You have organised a children’s party for your employees and ‘Santa’ calls in sick! These are just some of the typical (and true) scenarios that can (and have) happened to me. I am sure you can relate.

With Brexit looming things are only going to get worse before they get better. Similar scenarios to those just described will be an everyday occurrence as we struggle to maintain our service levels with ever depleting staff numbers. However we are a resilient industry and I am sure we will bounce back as we ride the rollercoaster of ups and downs that are being thrown at us.

Although despite the struggles, we should be thankful for what we have. At this time of year we should spare a thought about how we can help those less fortunate than us. As the winter chills set in, there are vulnerable people that need our assistance. There are numerous charities within our own industry that do just that. Several of these are highlighted in my book ‘Star Quality Talent – Inspiring Hospitality Careers’ which is available on Amazon. In the book you can read in more detail how they impact our industry in a positive way and watch the video interviews of their CEOs online. Also for every review posted on Amazon I will personally be donating £1 to Hospitality Action.

As an industry we need to be ‘walking our talk’ and delivering hospitality not just to our guests but to each other. I think it is really important that we are able to give back to our industry. That is exactly what 50 hospitality professionals are doing, including myself as we take part in Springboard’s Hospitality Pantomime.

Now in it’s third year the cast have volunteered their time and energy to perform for four nights only on a West End stage. We will be putting on the hospitality version of Dick Whittington at the Leicester Square Theatre. You can support this event by buying tickets to attend the performances on the 29th January to 1st February 2019, or sponsoring us, as cast members to perform.

However you decide to give back to the industry, whether it be giving your time, serving the community or donating monetary funds. Think about how you started out and the help, support and guidance you got along the way. One of the best things about working in hospitality is that there is always opportunity for you to share your knowledge and skills and develop someone less fortunate than you, so they too can get a rewarding career in our unique industry.

So as you are drinking your mulled wine and tucking in to your mince pies, spare a thought for those less fortunate and think about what you can do to give back this Christmas.

About Monica Or: Working with the owner/managers of independent hotels and restaurants, Monica assists her clients with their operations and service delivery. She is the Amazon Best Selling author of her three books: ‘Star Quality Hospitality – The Key to a Successful Hospitality Business’, ‘Star Quality Experience – The Hotelier’s Guide to Creating Memorable Guest Journeys’ and ‘Star Quality Talent – Inspiring Hospitality Careers’.

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