GO IN Introduces new French Touch

French Touch; one of many ways to be unique! – News from GO IN / Eden Furniture

Designing a restaurant means more than putting furniture into a room and decorating it with matching accessories. Interior designs convey a concept, appeal to one or more target groups, tell stories and, ideally, arouse emotions. GO IN has created a range of coherent looks, under the slogan ‘many ways to be unique’, using new and existing products, from its extensive range of professional furniture.
The French bistro ‘look’ is all about artistic wood panelling, floral patterned wallpaper, retro tiles, large mirrors and opulent lights. These are combined with upholstered chairs, bistro chairs and marble tabletops.
The ‘French Touch’ range from GO IN brings together a collection of furniture that allows anybody to create the French Bistro style in their café or restaurant. Four new models of upholstered chair – Benen, Hada, Nilla and Marlo – offer comfortable and stylish seating. Plush upholstery on the seat and backrest combine with details such as brass ‘socks’ to complete the timeless classic French style.
The ‘French Touch’ range, together with other new products and design classics, as well as furnishing ideas and innovative solutions for various catering concepts, are available in the 2018/2019 GO IN catalogue. Online or on the page, GO IN offers many ways to be unique.
GO IN UK contact details: Tel 01527 519580, www.go-in.co.uk


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