Awards Season is upon us

Monica Or, columnist and Hospitality Consultant at Star Quality Hospitality Consultancy discusses why entering industry awards is good for business..

Working in hospitality has been described in the past as a thankless task. Long hours and low pay was the old mantra, however things have moved on. So much so that reward and recognition are very much celebrated.

If you look at the hospitality calender October is really when the hospitality award season kicks off. Whether it be the Catey Awards, Independent Hotel Show Awards, Boutique Hotelier’s Personal Service Star Awards or Springboard’s Awards for Excellence, just to name a few, the industry comes together to share and celebrate individual and team success across the country.

There are so many industry awards around now that include all facets of your team and organisation from your kitchen porter through to your general manager. Whether it be for best practice, innovation, diversity or longevity there is an award out there with your name on it!

Why enter these awards?
– It improves brand awareness. Even if you are just shortlisted, this alone will help to promote your business to potential customers. Awards celebrate hard work, success and create great PR opportunities.
– The application process itself will force you look at your business from a different perspective. To make sure you stand out from the competition you will need to think about ways of doing things differently and will highlight areas you can improve on.
– A business win, shortlist or nomination is a third party endorsement for your business.
– Awards recognise the hard work and achievement of your teams and can help to boost employee morale and is a great motivator. Your employees will be proud to be working for your organisation.
– By pitching yourself as the best you can attract the talent you want to push your business forward. It will also help you to retain your talent.

Tips on how to win an award:
– Follow the judging criteria. This may seem simple enough but having judged industry awards in the past it is surprising how many entrants do not follow the simplest guidance.
– Enter the category that best fits what you do.
– If there is a word count stick to it. Going way over does not do you any favours and being under it, means your entry is not detailed enough and will go against you.
– Make sure you have evidence to back up your claims.
– Have a story to tell.
– Include something that makes your entry unique and sets you apart from your competition.

To find out about industry awards that you can enter keep up to date with industry news and watch out for announcements for when nominations are open. I look forward to celebrating your success in the future.

About Monica Or: Working with the owner/managers of independent hotels and restaurants, Monica assists her clients with their operations and service delivery. She is the Amazon Best Selling author of her three books: ‘Star Quality Hospitality – The Key to a Successful Hospitality Business’, ‘Star Quality Experience – The Hotelier’s Guide to Creating Memorable Guest Journeys’ and ‘Star Quality Talent – Inspiring Hospitality Careers’.

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