Bottoms Up! Beacon offers advice on how operators can stay afloat amongst declining UK beer sales

According to new data from the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA), UK beer sales in the first quarter of 2018 have dropped by 1.7% in a YOY comparison with 2017, reaching their lowest point in two years . As alcohol consumption continues to fall worldwide, affecting both the on-trade and off-trade, Beacon, Britain’s leading purchasing company, offers advice on how operators can boost beer sales ahead of Beer Day Britain, which takes place on Friday 15th June 2018. – News from Beacon

Kelley Walker, Purchasing Manager at Beacon, working alongside some of Beacon’s leading suppliers, encourages operators to take advantage of big summer events to tackle falling beer sales: “This summer we’ll see some great sporting events which are often notoriously important for pubs and bars, including the FIFA World Cup, taking place. These are the perfect opportunity for organisations to maximise beer sales, with research from Heineken UK showing that 75% of all pub goers watch football, with almost 20% of all UK adults specifically going to the pub to watch the game. By taking advantage of these types of events, as well as the latest in beer trends, operators will be able to meet consumer demand and boost beer sales.”

Maximise on sporting events
National sporting events can act as a great way for operators to encourage and maximise beer sales, with insight from Heineken UK showing that 44% of adults drink lager when watching sports. What’s more, research from Greene King found that selling a beer directly linked to the sporting event is a great way to boost sales, such as offering Back of the Net beer for the football and Barmy Army Ale for the cricket.

Sporting events also create an opportunity for operators to offer a different serve. For example, a four pint pitcher available for a special price not only works well for larger groups, but it can also increase the speed of serve during busy periods, which is often a challenge for operators during sporting events and can be frustrating for customers.

Craft beer trend continues
It’s important for operators to take the latest beer trends into consideration when planning their beer offering. Research from CGA revealed that craft beer retains the top spot as the leading drinks trend for the fifth year running, with Greene King noting that Pale Ales and IPAs are the most popular craft beer style.

In addition to this, insight from Molson Coors, brewer of Sharp’s Doom Bar and Franciscan Well Irish Pale Ale, shows that the growth in craft beer reflects consumer interest in new and different styles. With all this in mind, it is important that alongside the familiar favourites, which still have the lion-share of the beer category, operators stock a variety of different craft beers to offer an inspiring choice to consumers.

Seasonal sippin’
Consumers’ taste varies dependent upon the season, which is another factor operators must take into consideration. Blonde and golden beers are popular during the summer due to their refreshing tastes, with insight from Greene King showing that these have seen a growth of 7% YoY.

What’s more, lower strength session ales, such as Greene King IPA, are tried and trusted beers, providing consumers with a recognisable brand and familiarity. These also sell better during the summer, as consumers are looking for a clean, crisp taste that isn’t too heavy.

By maximising on sporting events and taking note of the latest beer trends, operators will be able to stay afloat even with overall sales of beer declining. Here’s to rising beer sales, Beer Day Britain and England’s chances of winning the World Cup!

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