Apex Waterloo Place joins Brewgooder’s fight to provide clean water to one million people

Apex hotels has joined the fight to provide clean water to one million people, whilst providing an excellent craft beer to its guests and visitors in Edinburgh. – News from Apex Hotels

The family owned hotel group have partnered with Brewgooder, the craft beer label that provides 100% of its profits to clean water projects around the world, to install the first beer tap of its kind in Scotland’s capital.

The new beer tap, available at Elliot’s Bar and Restaurant within Apex Waterloo Place, will not only provide customers with a crisp and refreshing lager, but for each keg sold means that two people will be provided with clean water for a minimum of five years.

The clean water lager, made with crystal malts and a unique blend of Sorachi Ace and Saaz hops is the ideal beverage for those keen to enjoy a great taste, whilst supporting a fantastic cause and is set to be a huge hit for discerning drinkers within Edinburgh.

David Steele, Apex Waterloo Place deputy general manager, said: “We are always keen to work with local suppliers, and Brewgooder not only provides an excellent product, but supports such a good cause – it was an easy decision to become the first company in Edinburgh to provide the new well head fount. We can’t wait for guests and visitors alike to try the taste of Brewgooder and help make a difference to the lives of people around the world.”

Alan Mahon, Brewgooder Founder, said: “Apex Hotels has been a big supporter of ours since we started. It was only right that they were the first hotel to get on board with the well head fount in Edinburgh. We look forward to helping provide many people with clean drinking water through this partnership.”

The Brewgooder lager is now available at Apex Waterloo Place and costs £5.10 per pint. For more information on Brewgooder visit www.brewgooder.com.


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