World Sleep Day: Guests’ sleep experience has never been so important

Beacon, Britain’s leading purchasing company, is marking this year’s World Sleep Day (16th March) by urging operators to take advantage of recent trends in sleep experience innovation. – News from Beacon

Working alongside leading supplier Mattison Contract Beds, Beacon has developed some top tips for how operators can give their guests the best night’s sleep possible.

Tom Gray, Buyer at Beacon, commented: “World Sleep Day is an annual celebration of sleep and a call to action on important sleep issues. Our research found that 50% of hotel guests admit they struggle to get a good night’s sleep whilst away from home, so it is a great time to consider how to give guests that perfect night’s sleep. Looking at trends in the industry and listening to customers can really benefit hoteliers in giving their guests the best and most memorable sleeping experience.

Spring for pocket-sprung
Perhaps the most prevalent trend the industry is experiencing is the fundamental shift toward pocket-sprung mattresses as a higher quality alternative to open coil mattresses. Whilst this is a trend witnessed over a number of years, Mattison Contract Beds has seen the demand accelerate more recently. The pocket-sprung mattress is designed to support the users body in all sleeping positions, giving a comfortable and more peaceful sleep regardless of body position.

It’s all natural
We have also experienced a shift towards beds and mattresses made from natural fillings such as cotton, coir fibre, bamboo, wools and silks. Not only is this driven by customer demand wanting a more organic, natural experience, but also, these natural fillings help regulate temperature when sleeping, meaning guests have less chance of becoming too hot or too cold which can often cause disturbance while sleeping.

Make it personal, and work for your space
Talking to your bed manufacturer is essential to finding the right products for your guests. It’s important to recognise that the different options available cater for specific use-cases and that guests desire a more personalised and practical experience. Whether it’s a bed that has storage space for suitcases within smaller city centre bedrooms, or sofa beds that can be folded up with ease by guests when not in use to give them more living space, it’s the details that matter and can help provide an easier, more enjoyable stay, resulting in loyalty and positive reviews.”

Tom continued: “Sleep is so important to our daily lives, and often even more so when away from home whether on a relaxing leisure break, or corporate stopover. Beds and mattresses are one of the key investments an operator can make, so, when considering your guest sleep experience, its vital for you to take into account trends, innovations, understand what is available in the market, and what will satisfy your guest’s needs now, and in the future.”

For more information about Beacon please visit or follow Beacon on Twitter @Beacon_YPP.


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