Perthshire self catering business successfully covers Inclusive Tourism market

Gamefield at Crieff, a luxury self catering business, is using the post Brexit fallout and current weak pound to boost staycations through embracing the concept of “inclusive” tourism. – News from GAMEFIELD CRIEFF

A term used to describe tourism that serves the needs of a full range of customers, including those with special needs, becoming an inclusive supplier is something that many tourism businesses are keen to embrace at the moment.
“Gamefield’s core business is self catering,” said House Manager Tracey Oates, “Whilst we have been seeking new markets in weddings and day events, which are lucrative, our self catering customers are very important to us. Ensuring that the house’s offering is fully inclusive is the best way to ensure growth in the sector, with staycations being boosted by the weak pound and post Brexit fallout.”
“We have a number of different public and more private places in the house, which means that a child with autism for example can have their own space, likewise an older guest perhaps with mild dementia. Our separate Indie House to the side of the House offers many other flexible options for private and more sociable time for groups of all ages and requirements.”
“This house may be ideal for teenagers or young adults with special needs for example, who require some privacy but still want their own space.”
Added Tracey: “We felt that we were an ideaI property to embrace this concept, and are currently working closely with Visit Scotland to meet additional criteria, and learn as much as we can about it.”
“We already have a five star ranking – we were recently assessed by the Visit Scotland Quality Business Advice Team and passed with flying colours with full marks in cleanliness, external appearance, management efficiency, and an over 90% score for the kitchen. “
Gamefield is suitable for those with mobility needs and is dog friendly, which covers highly trained assistance dogs.


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