Service or Servility?

Monica Or, columnist and Hospitality Consultant at Star Quality Hospitality Consultancy discusses how the hospitality industry needs to raise its profile..

‘Service’ is the common term called out from the kitchen pass when food is ready to be served to restaurant customers. It is the service staff, your restaurant waiters that will deliver this to your customers, and it is the way in which this is handled that can give your restaurant it’s reputation.

The quality of food and the quality of service your customer receives can make or break a restaurant. Although this is not just limited to restaurants, but applies to all service staff in your business. So in a similar vein not forgetting your housekeeping and reception staff, the welcome received and the standard and cleanliness of your rooms will also form an impression.

Hospitality is the 4th largest industry in the UK. Although hospitality has a poor reputation and unfortunately is only recognised as an industry that has long hours and low pay in this country. Why is it that a waiter in Europe has a higher standing than being a waiter in the UK? In America waiting staff rely heavily on their tips and they have a culture of tipping which is encouraged through great customer service delivery.

So what can we do in the UK to raise the profile of the hospitality industry? We need to be educating young people, parents, teachers and the general public of how vast the hospitality industry is and the careers that can be sought.

Think back to when you were a child. What was your very first experience of hospitality in the big wide world? Your first hand experience of hospitality will probably have been eating a meal in a restaurant. Whether that be your local café, a fast food outlet, high street chain or a fine dining restaurant that experience has to be first class.

I always say to my clients you don’t need to be a five star hotel to deliver five star service. Service at the end of the day comes down to how welcoming you are, how friendly and how memorable you make that interaction with your customer.

The Springboard Charity and Fred Sirieix have partnered together to celebrate the hard work of our front of house staff and celebrate careers with their National Waiters Day #NWD2017. A fun day that recognises the skills that our waiters and bar staff display in their everyday work.

The day aims to change the perception of front of house service roles and to demonstrate the great skills that can be learnt and rewarding careers and progression routes it can lead to.

To find out more and take part register at which is being held on the 16th May 2017. The main event is in Hyde Park London, and there are similar events being run across the country.

All funds raised from the day will help to support Springboard’s FAB (Food & Beverage Programme). The programme has been created to inspire and educate students about careers in front of house food and beverage roles.

So let’s put on a show because service in the hospitality industry is no longer about being servile.

About Monica Or: As the founder of Star Quality Hospitality Consultancy, Monica specialises in working operationally with the owner/managers of independent hotels and restaurants focusing on their business structure and service delivery. She is the Amazon Best Selling author of ‘Star Quality Hospitality – The Key to a Successful Hospitality Business’ and ‘Star Quality Experience – The Hotelier’s Guide to Creating Memorable Guest Journeys’.

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