Tourico Holidays Releases 2017 Global Hotel Trends Report

Global Wholesaler Forecasts Boom for Hotel Bookings in 2017 – News from Tourico Holidays

Tourico Holidays, the world’s fastest growing wholesale travel brokerage company, today released its 2017 Global Hotel Trends Report, providing a look at the health of the hotel industry, and offering insight on which destinations are trending with consumers coming into the new year. Tourico examined the hotel booking data from nearly 80,000 hotel properties located on more than 4,500 destinations around the world – and compared it to booking data captured at the same time last year, revealing where traveler interests have shifted.

According to the 2017 Report, nearly all of the world’s major travel regions are currently outpacing their prior year hotel bookings, indicating a very healthy outlook for the hotel industry and tourism in general. Collectively, the total number of hotel room nights booked has increased significantly, growing 28.7 percent around the globe.

As a source market, North America has increased its hotel room nights booked for 2017 by 28 percent year-over-year compared to this time in 2016. The EU, as a source, has increased its room nights by 28 percent year-over-year, LATAM has increased its room nights booked by 43 percent year-over-year, and Asia-Pacific has increased its room nights booked by 23 percent year-over-year.

“It’s still early, but it’s extremely encouraging to see that booked hotel room nights for 2017 are already significantly outpacing 2016,” said Lauren Volcheff Atlass, the Executive Vice President of Global Sales at Tourico Holidays. “Even despite attempts to frighten people away from traveling, the industry is not only surviving, but thriving – and the hotel sector in particular, continues to grow.”

Strong regional outlooks for 2017 are being buoyed by major tourist countries throughout the world. Room nights booked in the United States have increased by 26 percent year-over-year. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom’s booked room nights for 2017 have increased by 38 percent year-over-year. China has increased its booked room nights by 52 percent year-over-year. Others, including Canada (+55% YoY), Mexico (+37% YoY), Brazil (+31% YoY), UAE (+65% YoY), Thailand (+29% YoY), Australia (+10% YoY), and Sweden (+112% YoY) have also seen significant growth in hotel room nights booked for 2017.

“Tourism continues to be a major driver in the world’s economy, and a key indicator of its health can be measured by the growth in hotel bookings,” said Volcheff Atlass. “That said, the data revealed by the Trends Report not only serves our business, but others in the travel ecosystem.”

About Tourico Holidays
Tourico Holidays is a leading global travel distribution company that contracts directly with travel providers, such as hotels, flights, cruise lines, attractions, car rentals, vacation homes and more. Tourico Holidays works on a high-volume, wholesale model to broker this inventory to over 4,900 clients in 100 countries using proprietary technology.


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