1 in 2 hotels think they are missing out on food and drink profits, says new research

One in two (50%) of the UK’s hotels think they are missing out on food and drink profit opportunities, according to the results of a new survey released today. – News from Nestle Professional

The research[1] was conducted on behalf of NESTLÉ PROFESSIONAL® as part of the company’s commitment to supporting the Hotel Industry and drive to help hoteliers maximise profit opportunities.

Highlighted in the launch of a new guide – Make Their Stay (www.maketheirstay.co.uk) – the findings1 show that despite the fact 93% of hotels consider great food and drink provision to be important to business, just half feel they are currently exploiting every single food and drink profit opportunity.

The ‘Make Their Stay’ guide highlights the small ‘moments’ that can potentially make the biggest difference to hotel guests and reveals how by capitalising on these, operators can look to make their guests’ stay as memorable as possible.

The research, which also included an extensive survey of hotel guests[2], found that for 87% of guests, great food and drink provision is an important part of their stay. In fact, 32% of guests say good coffee in their room helps to make their stay a great one, while 72% are more likely to leave a positive hotel review if they receive unexpected ‘freebies’ such as welcome drinks and after dinner mints.

For Hugh Graham-Watson, Managing Director of TheHotelGuru.com and contributor to the guide, it boils down to great customer service:

“Great coffee can make a guests’ stay. All too often we hear about guests leaving hotels in search of coffee, and this needn’t be the case. Refreshment is a welcome offering to guests after a long journey, so for hoteliers, making great coffee available across the hotel is a no brainer.

“Great food and drink makes a world of difference. As a guest, there are many moments when you might fancy a drink or a bite to eat, from a snack at the bar to a sweet treat in your room. If you cater for this, and do it well, you could reap the rewards.”

With a beverage and food proposition, NESTLÉ PROFESSIONAL® is now making it even easier for hoteliers to make the most of every food and drink moment.
Sara Haggerty, Hotels Channel Lead at NESTLÉ PROFESSIONAL® comments:

“From check in to check out, there are many moments when hoteliers can make the most of the food and drink profit opportunity. However, as our research1 shows, not all hotels are maximising these.

“Whether it’s a great cup of coffee in the morning, a smooth latte accompanied by a Kit-Kat® biscuit treat in the afternoon or a delicious dinner, topped off with an espresso martini[3] – we understand that delivering the right solutions throughout the day can help to make a guest’s stay. And with 54% of hotel guests prepared to spend more for a well-known brand2, you can rely on our solutions to keep guests happy.

“At NESTLÉ PROFESSIONAL®, we believe in working in partnership with hotels. We offer the latest market insight, a wide range of food & beverage solutions and best practice tips to help hoteliers create memorable moments that give guests more reasons to stay. Our team of experts are also on hand 24/7 to help every step of the way.”

Visit www.maketheirstay.co.uk to download the guide


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