Customer loyalty wanes when hotel networks are slow

Paul Leybourne, Head of Sales at Vodat International, discusses the need for hotels to provide robust network and WiFi offerings in order to maintain customer loyalty

As hotel visitors are increasingly tech-focussed, it is essential that hotels ensure their networks are robust in order to cope with the steep increase in demand for connectivity. Recent research by Vodat International, a leading communications provider, warns that a third of customers claim to have lost trust with a hotel following a network incident.

It is evident that some hotels are still playing catch-up with the customer as more than half of hospitality patrons claimed that they’ve experienced an issue with slow technology whilst drinking or dining out during the past 12 months. A total of 94% of customers surveyed said that they were forced to wait up to 30 minutes for the problem to be rectified when they experienced an issue with a venue’s network. This in turn, led to a quarter of customers to be put off revisiting that same venue for some time; with 6% of visitors were so disappointed that they never returned to that particular outlet.

Hotels are also failing loyal customers when it comes to WiFi delivery, with a quarter of consumers claiming that they don’t find free WiFi services reliable in hospitality venues. The failure to provide robust, free WiFi can be detrimental for a venue, as almost half of consumers use their smartphone every time they go to food and drink outlets and 73% use it during at least half their visits.

With today’s customers being increasingly tech savvy, their expectations of WiFi and network availability in venues have grown considerably and they now want to continue their digital lives while dining or enjoying a drink where they are staying. Hotel venues are missing a trick when it comes to opportunities to both enhance their patrons’ experience, and collect data on their loyal customers through their business network and WiFi service, and leaves them lagging far behind the tech-savvy competition.

Free WiFi and robust network implementation isn’t hard and should be adopted by all hotels to ensure that loyal customer’s demands are met, and exceeded where possible. For further information, or to download the full report, please visit:

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