How To Develop Your Hotel Strategy in 2016/17

The 2016/17 edition of the Hotel Strategy Yearbook is here once again to help you develop a leading edge business strategy and benchmark your current practice.

All the evidence is pointing to a stark fact: that 2016/17 is shaping up to be a defining period for the hotel sector, both in the UK and abroad. If we cast our mind back to last year’s edition of this yearbook, it was clear that 2015 laid the framework for the new strategic challenges of the post-recession landscape. In 2016/17, hoteliers need to deliver on them!

Last year was about strengthening wifi infrastructure in the face of the growing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend. In 2016/17, BYOD is here in force, with hoteliers dealing with a spike in mobile internet penetration, reaching 88% in the UK alone by 2017. The sharing economy is here to stay. Perhaps we even need to start accepting the market dominance of the OTAs?

2016/17: A Brave New World!

In short, the time has finally come to stop prophesising about the brave new world – the time has come to actually live in it! … And I think this idea sets the tone for the 2016/17 Strategic Yearbook from Hotel Industry Magazine.

As in any period of change, some hoteliers are ahead of the curve on certain issues, and behind on others. Either way, there is lots we can learn from these pioneers.

So, once again, we have assembled this year’s panel of expert hoteliers to reflect the UK hotel sector, blending large branded hotel operations, mid-sized groups, pure-play operators and independent owner/operators.

This yearbook is written in the spirit of sharing industry experience, and we hope your own strategic planning benefits from the wisdom of our panel.


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