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Paul Russell of Luxury Academy London explains how hotels can train staff in soft skills in just 60 minutes.

Incessantly demanding but infinitely rewarding, hotel management is akin to being the caretaker of a new-born; it keeps you on your toes, often makes you keep rather unsociable hours and is a 24/7 role that is eased considerably with a trusted team around you to share the load. And herein lies the problem, in one ear you have the piercing cries for attention that you simply cannot ignore. You would like your staff to be trained to provide an exceptional level of care and attention, but the demands of your charge, and your need for assistance, sometimes lead you to put someone on the floor that simply isn’t ready. Short, sharp training of just 60 minutes that minimises time away from job roles, utilising Accelerated Learning Techniques, can help.

Accelerated Learning is a multi-sensory, cognitive method of teaching that allows delegates to learn quicker and better, with a vast improvement in retention and acquisition of course content. Techniques take account of different learning styles of delegates and incorporate a mixture of learning processes such as feeling, hearing, thinking, watching and actually doing themselves. If you compare this to a traditional style of teaching where the objective of the trainer is to disseminate information via a single means, and the requirement of the staff member is simply to listen, the difference is considerable.

The benefits of Accelerated Learning are that your staff are able to gain an in-depth understanding of a topic within a very short time-frame, be it customer service, effective communication, managing conflict or a wealth of other soft skills, and will come away with a confidence around the topic along with the skills to implement their newfound knowledge as soon as the course concludes. And the short duration of courses means that training can be more regular, keeping staff engaged, motivated and ready for the new challenges that will be thrown their way.

Taking care of a hotel can be exhausting and the desire to do things properly can be overshadowed by the minutiae of day to day life, but with a veritable army of capable, skilled staff eagerly waiting in the wings for their turn, you have the mind-space to see the bigger picture.

Luxury Academy’s new training service The Hourly offers 60 minute courses in a variety of soft skills. Each course may be attended by up to 12 staff members, on-site at the hotel, within a 50 mile radius of Luxury Academy’s central London offices. Outside of the 50 mile radius, multi-buy packages are available:

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