Hotel Management: 5 Steps to Better Business Relationships

Paul Russell of Luxury Academy London looks at how hotel managers can improve their business relationships in 5 steps.

Whether you’re a new hotel manager or have been one for many years, success depends upon the relationships you have with those around you.

Managers get so caught up worrying about revenue and taking their hotel and careers forward, that some forget the importance of building strong relationships with employees, colleagues and suppliers.
Here are five steps to better business relationships.

Accept honest feedback – The temptation can be to see some relationships as one way and in terms of what they can do for you, particularly those with staff and suppliers, but this can lead to dissatisfaction and discontent. Honest feedback helps managers understand what those around them want and need, it gives scope for improvement and employees, colleagues and suppliers will appreciate their voice being heard. Make yourself accessible enough to those around you that they are able to provide feedback and ensure you are approachable enough to inspire the confidence in others to do so.

Be ready to offer something extra – Sometimes we forget that the smallest thing can have the biggest impact. It can be challenging to remember that when you’re under pressure. But something as simple as a handwritten thank you note to a team member for great work or to a supplier for timely and quality execution of a project make a particularly positive impression. Make sure it’s handwritten though, a thank you email doesn’t have the same impact.

Connect with people – Make sure you take some time to connect with your team, suppliers and colleagues. This can of course be difficult with job roles spread out across departments in a busy hotel, but getting together at breaks and having an informal coffee with the boss is usually very appreciated by team members.

Be proactive — Remember things that might be important to those around you and use that information to build rapport and relationships. Maybe forward them a particular news article you know they might be interested in. This can be a pleasant surprise for them and they will be happy to know that you thought about them. Gestures like these helps to build stronger relationships.

Be warm in your approach – Being too professional or distant isn’t particularly pleasant for you, your suppliers, teams or colleagues. You should enjoy what you are doing and show it. This attitude will rub-off on those around you. When they see that you like what you do for them, chances are they will approach you more-often and ask for your help.

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