2015 Hotel Tech Spend

Where will leading hoteliers be focusing their tech spend in 2015? – an extract from 2015 Strategic Yearbook.

Keeping pace with technology in the hotel industry can be difficult; you have to respond proportionately to the needs of the business and the needs of your guests to maintain a competitive edge.

Here, our hotelier experts discuss the areas in which they will focus their technology spend throughout the year, and review the trends that inform their strategy.


David Vaughton, Director of Venues, EEF Venues
I think there is room for improvement when it comes to the amount UK hoteliers are investing in technology. Hotels shouldn’t underestimate consumers’ expectations and it’s not enough to provide complimentary Wi-Fi; it has to be high speed. It has to be as good – if not better – than what they have at home.

Roberto Pajares, GM, Ampersand Hotel
In our hotel, we are already investing in the improvement of our guest Wi-Fi capacity and speeds … and we are only two years old!

So, in many older hotel properties where investments haven’t been sufficient, I think that keeping pace with the demands of guest Wi-Fi remains an ongoing issue.

Stewart Campbell, MD, Redefine BDL Hotels
While it is important to ensure the latest technology is available for customers, the cost of purchasing and installing these facilities must be weighed up. As such, there’s a focus on ensuring spend is proportionate to the requirements of each property.
For example, hotels specialising in business conferences and corporate events, or which mainly host business travellers, will have a more urgent requirement for larger scale investment, as opposed to those hotels mainly accommodating leisure customers.

Peter Sangster, GM, Mercure Ardoe House Hotel and Spa
I think some hotels are better than others when it comes to investing in technology … and probably a little slow off the blocks on this.

We recently installed complete complimentary fibre optic Wi-Fi across the hotel, but it took time and there are still hotels locally that charge for this.

In-room technology is crucial and fortunately our refurbishment programme allowed the opportunity to address this across the hotel.

We have to wake up to our guests’ basic expectations with regards to technology, whether that be to work uninterrupted throughout the hotel or being able to Skype the family before bedtime. It needs to be fast, free and consistent…

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