Easter Travel Trends 2015

London was the most popular destination this Easter, according to data from hotel search site trivago.co.uk. Compared to last Easter, Dubai has risen in popularity (from 8th to 4th place), while Prague, Berlin, Sharm-el-Sheikh and Orlando were all new editions to the top 20. Benidorm had the largest price hikes, with hotel prices up 48 per cent compared to the following week.

Press Release Distributiontrivago – 07/04/2015: Top 20 Easter Destinations for UK Travellers:

1 London £158

2 Amsterdam £172

3 Paris £125

4 Dubai £158

5 Barcelona £114

6 Edinburgh £117

7 Dublin £85

8 New York City £217

9 Rome £107

10 York £100

11 Manchester £108

12 Venice £156

13 Benidorm £114

14 Liverpool £104

15 Blackpool £65

16 Prague £86

17 Berlin £77

18 Glasgow £86

19 Sharm el-Sheikh £79

20 Orlando £102

While the “Staycation” remains a popular option this Easter (with York and Manchester more popular than Venice, for example), a great number of domestic destinations featured in our Easter trends last year (13, compared to 7 this year). This suggests a larger proportion of holidaymakers are going abroad this year – perhaps due to the current exchange rate, which makes destinations within the Eurozone much cheaper for British travellers this year.

New York City is the most expensive destination this Easter (average of £217 per night), followed by Amsterdam (£172), London and Dubai (both £158). Benidorm has the largest price hikes, with Easter hotel prices 48 per cent more expensive than the following weekend (£114 compared to £77). Also with inflated prices are Amsterdam (35 per cent increase to £172) and Prague (30 per cent increase to £86).

Denise Bartlett, UK Public Relations: “The city break is the most popular choice this Easter, with 16 of the top 20 destinations located in metropolitan areas. This could be attributed to the Easter dates this year – last year Easter fell much later in April, resulting in a greater number of beach resorts among the most popular destinations. Only 4 destinations in the top 20 will have significantly higher temperature this Easter: Dubai, Benidorm, Sharm el-Sheikh and Orlando.

Easter is the ideal time for a city break, with temperatures beginning to rise, but without the huge number of tourists typical in the summer months. Those looking for a cheap city break should consider Berlin (£77), Dublin (£85) or Prague (£86).”


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