The Impact of Staff Attitude on Revenue

Sidona Group’s Anne Blackburn shares strategies for understanding guest emotions and the impact of staff attitude on revenue.

NOTE: This article was originally published in the Q4 2014 edition of Hotel Industry Magazine.

Following on from my last column in the last issue of Hotel Industry Magazine, How Guest Emotions Impact on Hotel Revenue, I wanted to explore the impact of attitude and the emotions of your staff on hotel performance.

Take a look at this sign that I saw in a restaurant recently. Does this apply to the guest experience your teams deliver? Yes? Sometimes or never? Why does this happen?

Attitude Sign

Each member of your team chooses the attitude they bring to work every day, and this has a huge impact on their performance, your guest experience and hotel revenue.

Attitude is affected by how we think and feel. Through self-awareness and management of our emotions, a good attitude has a huge effect on the Guest Experience.

Staff with positive emotions and a positive, “can do” attitude add so much more value to hotel performance. They are more productive, demonstrate empathy and care for guests and deal effectively with challenging situations and difficult team members.

Excellent guest relationships can only be developed when staff are happy.

Positive thinking and emotions are needed to drive positive language to make your guests feel valued and special.

Happy guests stay longer, spend more, return and tell more positive stories about you.

Staff with a negative attitude and negative emotions damage team morale and performance, destroy the guest experience and your reputation. Their negative emotions inevitably end up at your door as a complaint or displayed on your TripAdvisor page.

As a hotel leader, here’s what you can do to support your team and positively influence your employees’ emotions:

1. Emotional Intelligence Training

Emotional Intelligence Training provides skills and strategies to develop self-awareness, self-management and coping strategies.

Help the team with rapport building and empathy skills too, as these are not natural for everyone.

2. Empowerment

Staff are happier, more productive and serve guests better when given the freedom to do their job.

Clear boundaries are needed to allow them to treat guests in the way they like to be treated. If there are too many rules, employees don’t act spontaneously to create magical moments for guests.

3. Manage Employee Expectations

Staff expect more from their employees today. They want regular, in the moment feedback. They want to know exactly what is expected of them and how their role affects the guest experience and the whole business performance.

Younger staff may seem impatient and want to challenge decisions, but they are hungry to learn and committed if you take the time to understand them.

A mentoring programme creates positive staff who then feel you care about them.

Regular, honest and transparent company communication makes staff feel involved in the business.

4. Leadership Role Modelling

Visible, supportive leaders with excellent coaching skills are needed to create a positive environment. The hotel values and standards must be reflected in all managers’ behaviours. There must be no ‘say-do’ gap.

Employees watch their leaders and adopt what they perceive to be acceptable to the company. Leaders who are quick to recognise and reward success, give staff a voice, allow input into decisions that affect them and create meaning for their work have engaged and happy employees.

It is key to also find time for some appropriate fun at work and socialise with staff.

Hospitality is a demanding and tough environment. Fun workplaces are not only more productive, they attract the best staff and guests and profits.

NOTE: This article was originally published in the Q4 2014 edition of Hotel Industry Magazine.

Anne Blackburn is the co- founder of the award winning Sidona Group. As Customer Experience Director, Anne specialises in mystery guest programmes, guest research, guest experience training and conference speaking. Discover more:

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