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Hotel Industry now provides independent legal advice to UK hoteliers. The editor of Hotel Industry Magazine explains why.

Hotel Industry has always been about getting the best information to UK hoteliers. With that in mind, I’m pleased to announce the introduction of a new legal and hotel compliance tool: Manager Flow.

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For just £16 per week we will help you through those tricky legal compliance issues with telephone support and online legal info.

The new tool is borne out of our long relationship with UK hoteliers.

We know you:

  • We know that you are busy people.
  • We understand that the majority of your time is consumed by day-to-day hotel operations
  • We know you don’t like being sold to when simply trying to solve a problem!
  • We know that you need quick, practical legal and compliance advice to help you navigate tricky issues, reduce legal costs and help you avoid costly employment tribunals.
  • Through our Manager Flow tool, we provide hoteliers with impartial and high-quality legal advice on HR, H&S, Marketing Law and Tax.

Our helpline is 100% independent. This is because we know that many hoteliers have had poor experiences with legal advice services where they feel that they are being up-sold to another product or case work.

That’s why we work with a leading team of non-practising solicitors who have at least five years’ post qualification experience to give practical and impartial advice. With nothing to up-sell and no case work, our legal advisers are focused on one thing: solving your problem!p

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Lee Jamieson
Editor, Hotel Industry Magazine


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