READ NOW: Hotel Industry Magazine on Guest Experience

Hotel Industry Magazine publishes a FREE special edition on improving the hotel guest experience, in partnership with the Independent Hotel Show 2014 and Sidona Group. Be unique!

READ NOW: Hotel Industry Magazine on Guest Experience

The Independent Hotel Show 2014 is here again! On 21-22 October 2014, thousands of hoteliers from across the country will come together at Olympia West Hall, London to discover those bespoke products and services that can help differentiate their hotel from the competition.

As ever in a competitive business environment, the race is on to improve the guest experience throughout the hotel … But how would you describe your guest experience? Is the language you would use to describe it unique? Or do you fall back on those phrases ground into you during your hotel training at college or university?

Finding the right language is difficult because we talk about “guest experience” as if it  is a noun … Like an object that can be lifted, moved, repainted …

The reality is more complex, as this special issue of Hotel Industry Magazine shows. Written by the UK’s leading guest experience experts from Sidona Group, we guide you through every step of the guest experience, step-by-step.

Every touchpoint impacts the emotions of the guest, and so the language you use needs to reflect this. To really achieve improvement in your guest experience, you need to think carefully about the culture that surrounds it. Is that culture consistent and embedded throughout the guest experience cycle?

The guest experience and the culture that surrounds it is the hotelier’s ultimate competitive advantage. A competitor can steal your colour scheme, branding,  fixtures and so on, but they can’t directly lift the emotions your guests have developed for you hotel and the culture of your employees. These things are emotional entities … not “nouns”!

So, use this year’s Independent Hotel Show to find new ways of becoming a bespoke and unique hotel with a clear sense of personality and character. Combined with improvements in your guest experience, you could be unstoppable!

There will be hundreds of suppliers waiting to guide you at the Independent Hotel Show 2014, so make sure you attend … For FREE!

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READ NOW: Hotel Industry Magazine on Guest Experience


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