iASC Irish Shellfish Butter reels in another high-profile chef

An award-winning Irish culinary butter, which has been prepared using shellfish sourced from the pure Atlantic waters of West Cork in Ireland, has been endorsed by yet another high-profile chef who is using it at his prestigious restaurant.

Press Release DistributioniASC Atlantic Seafood – 10/09/2014: Executive Chef Pascal Aussignac, who was last year named ‘Restaurant Chef of the Year’ at the Craft Guild of Chef Awards, is the latest chef to start using iASC Irish Shellfish Butter to enhance the menu at his restaurant, Bistro Comptoir Gascon in London. Described as a chefs’ ‘magic trick’ by Mitch Tonks of Rockfish, iASC Irish Shellfish Butter is used by Steve Walpole and Vincent Menager of Sofitel London St James – to name just a few.

Pascal uses the butter to add a new dimension of flavour to his “Snails on the Beach” dish which is one of the best-selling dishes all year round on the bistro’s prestigious a la carte menu.

Trained by French masters Gerard Vie, Alain Dutournier and Guy Savoy, Chef Pascal grew up in Toulouse in the South West of France and is inspired by his native regions’ cuisine which features heavily on the Bistro’s menu. His love of food and attention to detail has been delighting foodies and critics in London since 1998 and in 2009, Chef Pascal published his first book, Cuisinier Gascon: Meals from a Gascon Chef to critical acclaim.

iASC Irish Shellfish Butter, developed by the Irish Atlantic Seafood Company, is a versatile ingredient which delivers layers of flavour in a butter-based format and has the ability to transform a wide variety of fish and seafood dishes. It is set to become a staple product in chef’s store cupboards across the UK, to be used to enhance seafood and fish dishes.

The butter is made from mussels, crabmeat and pure Irish butter, using natural ingredients, including foraged wild Dulse seaweed and is available in a 1kg pack format.

Colin Ross, Managing Director of iASC, said: “We’re extremely proud to be listed in Bistro Comptoir Gascon and delighted to have Chef Pascal’s support. The “Snails on the Beach” dish which iASC Irish Shellfish Butter is incorporated in is delicious and we’re thrilled that it is a popular staple on their well respected a la carte menu.

“iASC Irish Shellfish Butter is 100% natural and sustainable. It has impeccable provenance with complete traceability. Chefs also love its versatility – being able to use it as an ingredient across such a wide variety of seafood dishes means they don’t need to worry about having a larder bursting with fish stocks, fonds and expensive, over-salted bouillons, proving that it is cost effective too.”

Chef Pascal Aussignac, Bistro Comptoir Gascon: “We are proud to support independent producers such as iASC Atlantic Seafood and it has been great fun experimenting with such an exciting and flexible product as iASC Irish Shellfish Butter.

“The contract win is the beginning of a great partnership between Bistro Comptoir Gascon and iASC Atlantic Seafood Butter, and is one that I hope will continue to grow.”

iASC Irish Shellfish Butter is available through several UK distributors including; Donatantonio Ltd., Direct Seafoods London, Southbank Fresh Fish, DirectSeafoods Colchester, Kingfisher Brixham, Kingfisher Midlands and Braehead Foods, Scotland.


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