Ufi Ibrahim’s Five Key Actions For 2014

BHA Chief Exec, Ufi Ibrahim, to guest write this issue’s “Leading View”. As part of that article, she shares her five key actions for hoteliers in 2014.

1. Cut Tourism VAT:

Explain the issues surrounding tourism VAT in a way which real people understand so they can support our Cut Tourism VAT Campaign and put pressure on Government

2. Work Placements:

Encourage hospitality and tourism businesses to create even more apprenticeships, work placements and jobs for young people

3. Tourism Council:

Be vocal on the Tourism Council, setting out the facts to Government on the key issues, and ensure that we see real progress and tangible results

4. Food Safety Regulation:

Work closely with the organisations and industry bodies who regulate food safety to ensure that the rules being made support businesses as well as customers

5. Ensure Future Success:

Examine the regional, national and global trends which will impact on the evolution of our industry to ensure that hospitality and tourism is on the front foot, capitalising on developments for our commercial success

NOTE: This article was originally published in the Q3 2014 edition of Hotel Industry Magazine.


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