Sofitel London St James enhances its menu with Irish Shellfish Butter

Award-winning Irish culinary butter producer, iASC Irish Atlantic Seafood Company, has secured an impressive contract with executive chef Vincent Menager’s restaurant, The Balcon at Sofitel London St James.

Press Release DistributioniASC Atlantic Seafood – 09/07/2014: iASC Atlantic Seafood’s new Shellfish Butter is being served at the prestigious restaurant by French-born Menager and is being used to enhance the flavour of the native lobster on the menu. Menager has worked closely with some of France’s most respected chefs, including Alain Ducasse and Albert Roux. The executive chef has a long history with Sofitel and has travelled the globe with the group working in New York, China, Thailand and Sydney.

Inspired by the regional food of his native Périgord and seduced by the wealth of local produce on offer, The Balcon is a celebration of both English and French cuisine. Menager’s passion for sourcing local produce of the finest quality from independent artisan producers, has led to the formation of a strong bond between Sofitel London St James and iASC Atlantic Seafood.

iASC Irish Shellfish Butter, is a unique product which promises to deliver layers of flavour in a butter-based format. Made from mussels, crabmeat and pure Irish butter, using natural ingredients, including foraged wild Dulse seaweed, it is a staple product in many chefs’ store cupboards across the UK. Used as a flavour enhancer, it has the ability to transform a wide variety of fish and seafood dishes and add new value to the chef’s repertoire of culinary components.

Colin Ross, Managing Director of iASC, said: “This is a significant win for us in the fine dining sector and we are delighted to receive support from such a well-respected figure as Vincent Menager and the global brand, Sofitel, which is synonymous with excellence.”

“iASC Irish Shellfish Butter is 100% natural and sustainable. It has impeccable provenance with complete traceability. Chefs also love its versatility – being able to use it as an ingredient across such a wide variety of seafood dishes means they don’t need to worry about having a larder bursting with fish stocks, fonds and expensive, over-salted bouillons.”

Vincent Menager, Executive Chef at The Balcon, Sofitel London St James, said: “We are proud to support independent producers such as iASC Atlantic Seafood and it has been great fun experimenting with such a versatile product as iASC Irish Shellfish Butter.

“The unique ingredient adds a new dimension to dishes with the magic of Umami and we currently use the butter in our signature native lobster, coquillettes pasta with clams and asparagus, emmenthal au gratin dish, which is one of the most popular choices on the menu amongst diners; but there is a whole host of ways you can use the butter which adds to its appeal.

“The contract win is the beginning of a great partnership between Sofitel London St James and iASC Atlantic Seafood Butter, and is one that I hope will continue to grow.”

With an intense, authentic flavour iASC Irish Shellfish Butter has been described as everything from “the fresh taste of the sea,” to “the future of Surf n’ Turf”.

To find out more about iASC Irish Shellfish Butter visit or for more information on The Balcon and Sofitel London St James, please visit


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