One Book All Hotelier Should Read: Sales Tales

The UK hotel sector is preparing for growth – and intelligent hoteliers understand that to survive in this more competitive environment they must regain control of their sales department. Conor Kenny’s new book, Sales Tales: True Stories of How Great Sales Happen, provides the hotelier with everything they need to achieve this difficult task.

NOTE: Conor will be sharing his experience in our two-day learning event, How to Convert More Sales.

The good news is that the UK hotel industry is finally recovering; bad news is that there is more supply than ever before. Bright hoteliers have realised that they need to reinvest in their sales teams, strategy and culture.

Enter a new book from Hotel Industry Magazine’s columnist, Conor Kenny: Sales Tales: True Stories of How Great Sales Happen.

If there is one book that all hoteliers should read, then this is it! Unlike many of the other dry, theoretical books on selling, this book cuts to the quick and demonstrates how to sell through Conor’s 28 years of sales experience.

Traditionally, business books are strong on structure and theory, weak on real-life experience. “Sales Tales” turns this on its head. Less talking, more doing.

Hoteliers can get lots from this book – it will help you review the sales culture in your organisation and identify how it needs to evolve. Conor rightly observes that many sales employees are not proud to be in sales – they hide behind marketing labels.

… and that’s what is beautiful about this book. Whilst others are advocate the homogenisation of sales and marketing (the “get your marketing right, you don’t need sales” school-of-thought), Conor asserts that staff need to be proud to be in sales. “Sales” is not a dirty word. It therefore follows that employers also need to be proud of their sales departments!

Ultimately, it all boils down to hard work, but one phrase sticks out from the book:

“To succeed in selling – to really succeed – you must have a potent mix of character (who you are) and skill (what you can do). In other words, you need both the art and the science.”

…and you can’t teach that without experience

Workshop: How to Convert More Sales

Hotel Industry Magazine has drawn upon Conor’s experience in developing a new two-day training event for UK hoteliers: How to Convert More Sales.

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