Emerging Hotel Bathroom Trends

Hotel bathrooms have come a long way from being purely functional and have arguably become one of the most marketable parts of the hospitality experience. As a result they are often used to sell the hotel to potential customers. But are your bathrooms on trend? We ask C.P. Hart’s Ian Dutch to explore the emerging hotel bathroom trends.

Finishes and Forms

A strong trend we are seeing is the desire to mix and blend different materials and finishes. Designers and specifiers are experimenting with developments in materials and new combinations of finishes and surfaces, resulting in a more tactile and luxurious bathroom experience. Grey continues to be the dominant key colour trend and applied to bathroom furniture in particular, varying from the very light to the very dark with added elements of blue and green hues. This dominating palette is being mixed with the growing trend for natural materials and textured finishes over high gloss finishes.

Bathroom furniture units are being treated as design pieces in their own right, showcasing the beauty of wood or drawing upon contemporary new materials. Tactile textures are increasingly playing a more important role when it comes to planning high specification hotel bathrooms, with designers and specifiers thinking more about the way a bathroom feels as well as how it looks. Textured furniture pieces are also being stripped back to their wood form; a natural aesthetic has emerged as manufacturers celebrate the natural beauty of wood through distinctive grain finishes.

In addition to texture we are seeing experimentation in terms of sculptural shapes and forms, especially when it comes to brassware and washbowls, as small no longer means insignificant. Statement basins such as hand-blown lead crystal basins fuse Italian artisan craftsmanship with beautiful contemporary design. When it comes to brassware we are seeing graceful statement pieces that show an instinctive appreciation of the beauty of flowing water. Brassware in a gold or nickel material are being specified more at the top end of the market, while feature walls using gold leaf or metallic materials deliver a truly luxurious finish. Marble is being used as a form of wall art, applied alongside clean white sanitaryware and neutral walls.


The configuration of a hotel bathroom space is being reworked and re-examined, with bathroom and bedroom areas merging to create a hybrid space. At the heart of this is an emphasis on pampering which has become synonymous with hotel bathrooms. Contemporary baths are now deeper and more comfortable. The versatility of the latest composite materials allows more fluidity in shape and structure. Shower enclosures are becoming streamlined, but shower heads are now much larger in scale and replicate the cascading effects created by a waterfall or rainfall. Spa elements are becoming more practical to install, allowing guests to enjoy the luxury of steam in their room as part of an integrated shower enclosure (eliminating the need for additional space). It all comes down to personal comfort and relaxation, but translated in a way that works with the room layout.

The all-important vanity unit typically forms the centrepiece of the hotel bathroom, blending decorative and functional furniture elements to avoid a clinical finish and ensure the room becomes a living and breathing space in its own right. Large decadent vanity units that function as a dressing area for beauty treatments are also a key ingredient as they’ve become increasingly decorative in style and work as an extension of the hotel bedroom. Vanity units are being accentuated with strategic eye level lighting to enhance the experience and create a flattering effect. Mirrored cabinetry around the dressing area is multifunctional, offering 360° visual views through intelligent mirror placement, built-in shaver sockets and strategic internal shelving and storage for complete guest usability.


Technology is an ever-growing trend; from multifunctional brassware to all-singing, all-dancing showers, the bathroom is beginning to meet the needs of our technology driven culture, creating a more liveable space that strikes the right balance between design and experience. Digital showers emerged onto the market with button controls, but are now starting to feature simple touch screen controls that control the lighting, scents, varying water temperatures and pressures. And whilst digital showers are leading the way the rest of the bathroom is quickly catching up. Brassware is moving into a more digital realm, with manufacturers starting to incorporate technology in the form of a digital screen interface that controls flow and temperature. Baths will be able to be filled using a smart phone or tablet, and home spa elements are becoming more accessible and fit for purpose in the modern hotel as steam starts to be integrated into the shower enclosure.

Accessible Design

Where specialist accessible design guidance is required, C.P. Hart believes that an impressive bathroom should have universal appeal. Each and every functional component of the bathroom has to be considered to ensure practicality and durability is achieved throughout the entire bathroom. C.P. Hart’s coordinated Accessible Design range by Hewi is testament to our belief that DDA compliance need not mean unappealing and utilitarian design. Sleek and minimalist in style, the collection has been designed to aid mobility around the bathroom, providing support through subtle recesses and support rails which perfectly complement the range’s minimalist aesthetic. Support rails are sculpted to ensure they are understated yet practical, featuring easy to grip contours for those requiring support when standing up or sitting down to use the WC, shower or washbasin. The rails are available in either a rounded or square profile, in addition to a variety of length options. The shower seat is geometric in its design and available in clean white or architectural anthracite that complement the minimalist finish. Manufactured from high quality materials, the seat has been designed to be both comfortable and slip resistant due to its lightly structured surface.

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