Royal Visit: Searches to New Zealand Increase by 70% and Australia by 32%

Hotel searches to New Zealand increased by 70 per cent following William and Kate’s royal tour, according to data from hotel search website The largest increase can be found in Wellington, where searches went up by 169 per cent. Travel interest to Australia was less pronounced, with hotel searches increasing by 32 per cent.

Press Release Distributiontrivago – 30/04/2014: New Zealand: Wellington Increases by 169%

Kate and William visited seven New Zealand locations during their royal tour: Wellington, Blenheim, Auckland, Dunedin, Queenstown, Christchurch and Waikato. Hotel searches to these seven destinations increased by 70 per cent during their tour, compared to the corresponding dates one week beforehand. After their visit, searches dropped by 23 per cent – leaving an overall net increase of 31 per cent.

The most significant increase can be found in Wellington, where Kate and William spent a total of four days: April 7th, 9th, 10th and 16th. During the week of their first visit (April 7th to 13th), hotel searches increased by 81 per cent compared to the week immediately before. During the week of their second visit (April 14th to 20th), searches increased by 169 per cent. After their visits searches dropped by 43 per cent and 62 per cent respectively, meaning the overall net increase was very small – just 3 per cent.

Travel interest to Auckland also increased by 21 per cent following their visit.

Australia: Overall Increase of 32%

Kate and William visited a total of five Australian destinations between the 16th and 25th April: Sydney, Brisbane, Uluru (Ayers Rock), Adelaide and Canberra. Compared to the weekend before their visit (April 11th to April 13th), hotel searches to these five destinations increased by 18 per cent the weekend during their visit (18th to 20th April) and by 23 per cent the weekend after their visit (April 25th to April 27th).

The most significant increase can be found in Sydney – although this is still fairly small when compared to New Zealand. Searches here increased by 11 percent the weekend after their visit, in comparison to the weekend before.

Although searches to royal tour destinations increased by 23 per cent during Kate and William’s visit, searches to the whole of Australia increased even more significantly. When compared to the weekend before their visit, searches to any Australian destination increased by 32 per cent the weekend following their visit. This suggests that travel interest was not limited to locations on Kate and William’s itinerary, but rather applied to the whole of Australia.

Denise Bartlett, Public Relations UK: “It’s great for tourism in both New Zealand and Australia to see a significant increase in hotel searches from the UK following Kate and William’s visit. It is surprising that travel interest to New Zealand was significantly higher than Australia – perhaps this can be attributed to a higher level of media coverage at the beginning of the visit. It is also interesting to note that searches to Australia were not limited to destinations on Kate and William’s itinerary, but applied to the whole country. Australian and New Zealand hoteliers should be encouraged by this increase in travel interest from the UK.”


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