Revolutionary In-Room Tech

By the end of 2013, there will be more smartphones than human beings in the world. It is unsurprising, therefore, that in-room technology is going mobile!

Hotel guests today expect unprecedented levels of connectivity with hotel services – both on-site and off-site. With strong demand feeding the market, a new generation of technology solution providers have emerged.

We review some of the latest mobile platforms providing new levels of connectivity to the guest experience.

Connect for iPhone

Monscierge has launched Connect, a mobile app that enables guest access to hotel services like room service and concierge. More importantly, the system combines a content management system for hotels to share targeted information with guests and a local recommendation system powered by RCloud. Guests can choose the filters for their desired experience and find honest recommendations for dining, events, and attractions. Hoteliers can manage their preferred recommendations and tailor the guests’ local experience.

Tel: 0845 004 6661


Distributed by Airwave in the UK, Fingi fronts a revolutionary new generation of mobile applications designed to connect the guest with hotel services through their own device. Fingi utilises NFC technology to replace the room key and allows free telephone calls and internet messaging between guests and the hotel both on-site and off-site. Guests also have control over lighting, air-conditioning, TV and entertainment services.

Tel: 0845 555 1212


ICE (Interactive Customer Experience) is a multi-platform system from Intelity that can be installed on everything from mobile phones to guestroom TVs. Integrating with the hotel’s PMS and POS systems, ICE puts the full range of hotel services at the touch of a button. The real-time back-end management tool streamlines request management, monitors response times and measures ROI. The system is also able to send direct marketing messages and videos to guests, segmented by criteria like rate code, market segment and length-of-stay.

Tel: (+1) 888 738 7271


VirtualHotel from Cardola is a downloadable app for guests. Guests using the app can familiarise themselves with the hotel’s facilities and the local area before arrival and make advance bookings for many of the hotel’s services. The app enables guests to access services like reserving dinner tables, booking spa treatments and requesting concierge services – either in advance or directly from their room using their own mobile device.

Tel: 0207 491 2171


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