What does a bed bug carrier look like?

Cliff Eccles from Bed Bug Specialists, Heat and Go, puts forward some ideas.!

There has been a lot said in recent times about bed bugs, some have never experienced them, some have tried for weeks or months trying to get rid of them and had to dispose of and replace beds and furniture costing thousands.

You never know when they will arrive or who with, the business traveller who stays in 3 hotels a week, the couple who are on their way back from a foreign trip, the overnight family who have been seeing the sights and relatives or was it the visiting afternoon coffee drinkers.

You may never know, who or when but what we can do is be vigilant, train our personnel to know what to look, monitor for them and if they do arrive, act promptly to stop them from breeding spread throughout your property.

You may at first call your pest controller, but bed bugs are no ordinary pest and need specialist equipment to eradicate them. Some strains are resistant to pesticides and therefore no matter how much they are sprayed, even if you spray every inch of the affected area. But do you really want people to be that close to pesticides?
Heat and Go have specialist equipment to take your whole rooms above 52 degrees for over 3 hours which will kill the eggs and adults and leave you bed bug free in a day.

Our bed bug monitoring traps system and staff training may help to identify the pest as soon as they arrive or at least provide some reassurance to guests that you care about trying to provide them with a bed bug free environment.

The "Room Inspector App" and "Room Management Web portal" are free for Client who use our "Staff Training Program".


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