Is cloud technology fuelling innovation in hotel PMS technology?

PMS is undergoing something of a resurgence in the past two years. PMS solutions are becoming more complex in function, yet simpler to use. But to what extent has this trend been driven by Cloud technology?

As part of a new regular feature, Industry View, we ask some of the industry’s major players a single question:

Has cloud technology fuelled innovation in hotel PMS technology?

One thing is certain: cloud technology is changing the way the industry operates its IT functions and hoteliers are beginning to recognise the importance of Cloud.

“Cloud is not new, but it is only now really being recognised and widely deployed in our industry,” says Calum McIndoe from Infor Hospitality Solutions.

“It is extremely exciting and in true technology fashion is changing the way in which we run our businesses.”

“99% of the hotels I speak to regarding new PMS solutions want cloud technology – and the main driver is cost. Infor are about to also release our Sun Systems Financials as a Cloud based solution – precisely because this financial solution has always been used by the larger hotel chains and independents and was always out of the reach of those with pockets not quite as deep.”

The cost reduction is particularly attractive to hoteliers – in particular, larger groups can leverage economy of scale and reduce their IT spend significantly.

“By moving to a hosted infrastructure, Kempinski Hotels has achieved a lower total cost of ownership, while employees can focus on core business activities by driving efficiencies from the applications rather than purely administering them,” explained Kempinski Hotels’ Jeremy Ward.

“We weren’t sure with some of the management solutions – budgeting, forecasting, business intelligence – how much resource we’d need to throw at it. The joy of the Cloud is that you can adjust resource, taking off or adding until you find the optimal level.”

“We’ve been able to do all that with Cloudreach’s help – something you can’t do with traditional IT. As for costs and returns, we certainly haven’t exceeded our budget in year one: if anything we’ve under spent!”

Mobile PMS

For many, the greatest innovation in Cloud-based PMS is the mobility of the systems. It is now possible to conduct core functions away from the traditional fixed terminal and have multiple users interacting with the PMS all around the hotel.

“Cloud technology brings with it all the possibilities for the ‘mobile dimension’ as both guests and staff can access the hotel’s PMS via the internet,” explained Locatel’s Pierre Lestage.

“Hotel guests can access services and contents on their mobile devices – and to fully optimise operating efficiency, hotel staff can access PMS systems from wherever they are in the hotel. For hotels this opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for cost optimising PMS technologies.”

“For example with our Serviator solution, using a mobile tablet, maintenance and cleaning staff can be kept immediately informed of tasks that need to be carried out throughout the hotel.”

Industry View: Has cloud technology fuelled innovation in hotel PMS technology?

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  • Clock Software

    For us at Clock Software, the answer is definitely YES! Having been providing a traditional PMS for yeas, we just felt the need to develop a new, cloud-based PMS, for several reasons. First, cloud computing allowed us to re-structure and optimize our pricing and switch to on-demand payment. Second, the whole world has almost gone cloud- and mobile-crazy. People can’t stop talking about widgets, gadgets, automated and streamlined services, self-service opportunities. Cloud technology allows hotel software to develop exactly in that particular direction. Hospitality is a service industry and could not afford to lag behind the global trend. Third – the need to offer a new, lighter, more fun to use and more flexible software. Old accounting -like screens, cumbersome procedures and complicated rules are more difficult to fit in our increasingly dynamic lives. The overall attitude of the public now is that, if there is software, then it should be able to do everything quickly, easily and immediately. If I can organize my entire vacation from my phone in only a few minutes, how come it sometimes takes receptionists like forever to adjust a price or to extend my stay? Let’s face it – the world now believes that everything can be done with a few taps on the screen.
    So, once again – yes, as cloud computing makes everything above possible, innovation is a fact and right on its way to hoteliers.

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