Never more than 15 ft from a rat? what about the pest that even are closer?

Your never more than 15ft from a rat, how far are you right now from a bed bug? Cliff Eccles from Bed Bug Specialists, Heat and Go, says that you, may be less than 15 cm.

Bed Bugs are found on aircraft seats, taxi’s, libraries, schools, hotels, not only where people sleep but where we sit down. The bites can be very aggressive although in many cases it could be hours or days until the bites finally appear.

Perhaps when you visit a reception lounge or travel you maybe better standing. We are not saying be paranoid, just be aware and cautious to avoid taking them home. Their laterally flat body means that they can get into the slightest gaps. They will then emerge when conditions are right to get their blood meal. Don’t be mistaken that they only live on mattress’s, travelling at 4 feet per minute means that they can quickly reach their meals.

At a recent pest control convention a pest controller who has been in the business since the 60’s said that they remember treating for bed bugs in the 60’s since then they have been almost extinct, recently they have emerged and the new generations of bed bugs are more difficult to eradicate. This is partly due to the pesticides which we have available, safer for us but safer for the pesticide resistant bed bugs, partly due to the lost art of treating bed bugs.

Heat and Go have adopted ‘Bed Bug Alert’ a passive discrete monitoring system, this coupled with the ‘Room Inspector’ phone app and when necessary whole room heat treatment where everything is sanitised means that you no longer need to fear bed bugs.

Inspect – Monitor – Prevent – Detect – Heat treat – Gone!


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