Revolutionary Hotel Technology: Guest Interaction

Phil Benson explores the hotel technology products that are revolutionising guest interaction.

Every interaction with a guest is an opportunity to highlight what your hotel can offer. It is a chance to exceed the expectations of your customers, build consumer loyalty and increase the likelihood of them returning in the future. Building customer loyalty leads to more sales, word of mouth referrals and a softer approach to things when they sometimes do not go to plan.

New interactive technology is helping to enhance hotel guest experiences and mobile technology in particular is becoming a key tool to do this. Today’s savvy guests want more than simple paper menus or maps.

Connected Guests: Monscierge

One-company, Monscierge, specialises in interactive devices especially for the hospitality sector.

Monscierge boast to provide ‘Elegant Connections for Empowered Guests’ and it is their vision to allow hotels to connect with their guests through direct messaging and marketing to their social media networks and interact with them either remotely or on site. An example of this includes the Monscierge Lobby, which is an all-in-one interactive touch-screen platform that can act as a centrepiece for a hotel lobby or other busy area. It will convey what the hotel has to offer and any marketing initiatives or deals, quickly and efficiently. The Monscierge Lobby can also provide local recommendations, travel information and social postcards.

The Monscierge Mobile allows guests to order room service easily; plan local days out using the trip builder feature or send digital postcards on Facebook, Twitter or through email. Guests can also gain access to hotel recommendations and receive offers for hotel services or instant messages direct from the front desk.

The Monscierge Tablet has all the features of the mobile solution, but can be placed in guest rooms, handed to customers when they check in or be given to staff members as a tool to directly connect with guests. Meetings and Conferences can also benefit from this interactive technology.

Virtual Hotel: Cardola

Elsewhere, Cardola has developed and refined VirtualHotel over the past couple of years, which is a guest-focused, multi-platform solution that can be accessed on an iPad or from the comfort of a guest’s own tablet, through a free, downloadable application.

VirtualHotel provides instant access to everything that a hotel has to offer at the touch of a button, enabling it to extend and enrich existing concierge services, before, during and after a guests visit.

The app allows customers to view hotel menus, reserve tables, discover what events are coming up and see if there are any nearby attractions before they even set off for their stay. The move to make the VirtualHotel application downloadable to a guests own iPad means that customers can access information and services remotely.

Tim Butterworth, managing director at Cardola said, “The application, which we consider as the perfect catalyst for guests engagement, has been tried and tested successfully within three European hotels for over two years.”

These technology advancements will only increase the opportunities for guest interaction and free up the time of staff to enable them deliver a high quality service. This will all work in a hotelier’s favour in helping them to make their hotel competitive in the market.

By Phil Benson


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