HR Solutions: Trends in HR Technology

Phil Benson explores the latest trends in HR technology and considers the benefits of various HR solutions.

Hoteliers are constantly looking for HR solutions to make the running of their businesses operations smoother. Many small companies are looking to outsource their HR function, which can be beneficial for hotels operating with a small number of employees or if the business has a lack of the skills needed to provide high quality services for their customers.

Outsourced HR Solutions

Smaller hotels have to concentrate on delivering their core product and getting their brand recognised in a competitive market, so employing a third party provider to manage the dealings of the day-to-day tasks, such as HR, can be very beneficial to free up much needed time and resources.

Small businesses are unlikely to have specialists in HR law and practices within their ranks, so outsourcing this work could be a smart move to make. Small business owners and hoteliers do not want to have to worry about something that they are not an expert in, so hiring an outsourcing company to help ensure they conform to compliance regulations and changes in employment law, especially as changes have made HR rules so complex, seems like a wise move.

HR Solutions: Workflow Software

Some hoteliers may turn to HR and workflow software, which has become invaluable for some companies. There are a number of benefits for using this type of equipment for both management and employees.

For management, the advantages of using online HR software include being able to monitor more accurately absence costs and trends. It provides greater HR information through reports, improves communication across the company, increases efficiency, allows reporting on individuals and teams and provides round-the-clock access to employees information.

For employees, there is better holiday request and approval workflow, enhanced self-certified sickness workflow, greater access to company policies and procedures, an employee contact directory, training plans, team holiday calendar and a personal event calendar.

Mobile HR Technology

One of the latest pieces of equipment to hit the market comes from Advanced Business Solutions, who have launched a ‘one-stop-shop’ mobile HR solution. MobileHR provides on the move HR solutions inclusive of airtime and mobile devices.

The software is integrated with the ‘Advanced’ human resource system, OpenHR, which was formerly HR Pro, to allow employees the opportunity to update their personal details, report absences, book on training courses and submit expenses via their own mobile devices, such as a Smartphone or tablet.

Hoteliers can save money on their corporate mobile arrangement through the inclusive airtime and mobile device proposition, whilst also benefiting from having just one supplier for their mobile HR application, mobile devices and airtime. This will allow hotels to cut costs, streamline certain processes and free-up time and resources for the HR team. It can also positively empower staff to record and monitor their own personal human resource information.

These trends in HR are important and ones that hoteliers must keep up to date with to make sure they are in a position to free up time and resources so they can provide a competitive service to their employees and clients.


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