Top Tips: IPTV

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) has been invested in heavily by hoteliers in the UK over recent years as they aim to offer their customers the very latest in technology to remain competitive in the market. 

This innovative system can help make businesses stand out from the rest and now IPTV is being used in guest rooms and public areas alike, to create an individualised atmosphere, promote a hotel brand, offer a personalised welcome message and present guests with a complete entertainment package twenty-four hours a day.

IPTV is what customers now expect and demand from hotels and without it, reputations can be dealt a harsh blow. This is the future of TV distribution in hotels, so company’s have to make sure they are utilising all the benefits IPTV offers and ensure they are getting the best from the technology available.

Top Tips: IPTV

Here are some tips for how hoteliers could be using IPTV technology to provide their valued customers with an excellent, state of the art service.

  1.         Distribute free to view and subscription satellite or television signals across a computer network, which can reach every guest bedroom, conference area, bars and public spaces. This will offer guests with more choice than ever before for the entertainment in a cost effective way.
  2.         As the number of guests visiting the UK from abroad increases, especially from the developing nations of Brazil, Russia, India and China, provide an extensive range of local and foreign TV and radio channels to all bedrooms and common areas.
  3.         An in-house advertising channel can be developed where local or national companies promote their events or services. A high definition interface can be custom made to allow for specific logos and images to be seen more clearly.
  4.         Deliver live TV and video/music on demand to all guest rooms.
  5.         Provide gaming packages that are easy to use to allow guests to play through their set top box.
  6.         Ensure that information on all the facilities, services and activities on offer at the hotel are promoted through the IPTV system to maximise use of all the amenities.
  7.         Use the IPTV technology to link directly to different Property Management Systems. If you have the tools to do so, use it, as it will help to save time and therefore money in the long-term.
  8.         Use a Check Out feature, to make the process of checking out much more convenient for guests and increase customer satisfaction.

IPTV technology is a low maintenance system to run and allows hoteliers to set the tone and ambience for their hotel. Whether it is a high-end five-star rated hotel, budget accommodation or a simple guesthouse, IPTV technology offers a range of tools to help hoteliers provide a fully functional entertainment service for their customers.

This technology is now commonplace in the majority of high-end and middle-end hotels because of the benefits it offers, so we encourage all hoteliers to make proper use it.


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