Hotel Bathroom Trends: Luxury Bathrooms

For hoteliers, luxury bathrooms are the order of the day. We explore the latest hotel bathroom trends emerging from companies like Aston Matthews, Villeroy & Boch and Dornbracht.

The hotel industry remains as competitive as ever with businesses looking at ways they can more effectively compete in this fierce marketplace. Although offering customers the best service, rooms, food and drink possible is important, the smaller amenities and touches provided by a hotel can often be the deciding factor for whether a customers experience was positive or negative.

As customers continue to be ever demanding, with expectations levels at a new high, providing a clean, luxurious bathroom is something that many guests now expect. For hoteliers, choosing the right manufacturer, bathroom suite and bathroom products is vital for reflecting the hotel, its decor and for the creation of an ambience that guests will enjoy. Budgets and the market for which the hotel is geared will determine much of this choice, but there is a good market from where to choose.

Aston Matthews

Aston Matthews has recently launched its new ‘Elements’ collection of bathroom furniture, which offers an extensive range of modular units so the combinations for designing original, unique bathroom suites are plentiful. Design ideas range from using a full range of drawers and cupboards to provide as much storage as is needed to a minimalist floating worktop that supports the basin.

Villeroy & Boch

Villeroy & Boch have developed a distinctive series of bathtubs that match the Loop & Friends washbasin programme and feature a prominently simple, yet intelligent concept. The oval and rectangular inner forms, offered in White Alpin and Star White are available for 22 bathtubs with an additional five different large rectangular built in tubs. The range also offers a freestanding bathtub, two trapezoidal bathtubs, an oval tub, corner bath and two hexagonal bathtubs. The Loop & Friends range will give hoteliers multiple choices of how to equip their bathrooms from built-in-tubs to save space, to freestanding bathtubs that provide an excellent spatial impact. Whether it is a large or small bathroom that needs to be furnished, there is certainly good choice out there to meet the demands of the customer.

Even down to the last details, such as taps, Villeroy & Boch have designed a range of high quality fittings that will cater for all hotel bathroom requirements. They have extended their current Subway range and now offer the Cult tap fitting in a new, pure matt white finish. Sometimes the little details can make the big difference.

Horizontal Shower from Dornbracht

Hoteliers might want to look at offering their guests a completely new and different experience from anything their competitors can provide and the Horizontal Shower from Dornbracht could be the addition to the bathroom that adds that bit of spark and flair to the hotel. Using the groundbreaking Ambience Tuning Technique, users can enjoy this shower technology lying down with Dornbracht boasting, “With Horizontal Shower, we are transporting the showering experience into a new dimension.”

Making sure that the bedrooms and shared public spaces offer guests what they want is very important and it is often on these criteria that hotels are judged. However, the bathroom is a vital service that hoteliers provide, so ensuring it is well-equipped, stylish, has excellent fixtures and fittings and is an enjoyable experience, can make all the difference for a customers perception of the business.

By Phil Benson


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