The Hotel Industry in 2012: Top 5 Emerging Trends

As the dust settles on the New Year celebrations, hoteliers are now looking at the year ahead – and what a year it is likely to be!

2012 is set to be a year of polar opposites, with the largest sporting event the UK has ever seen coinciding with the potential collapse of the Euro!

One thing is for sure: it’s going to be a bumpy ride with plenty of business threats en-route; but those hoteliers able to position their businesses to capitalise on 2012’s ample opportunities could really thrive in the year ahead.

To kick-start the year, we bring you the top trends most likely to dominate hospitality in 2012.

1. Olympics Games

It is forecast that the UK hotel industry will experience a £123 million spending uplift as a result of the 2012 Olympics. F&B will also experience an increase of over £80 million.

Just take a look at some startling figures from our 2012 Olympics Facts:

  1. Number of foreign visitors: 350,000 per day
  2. F&B potential: 18 million meals
  3. Value of tourism benefit: an additional £2.1 billion

It is therefore essential that UK hoteliers ensure they are best positioned to capitalise on this opportunity of a lifetime … are you ready for the 2012 Olympic Games?

2. Social Media

In 2011, social media was at the frontline of tourism marketing activity, leveraging offline events to engage online audiences. Social media encompasses loyalty programmes, bookings, concierge and customer service and the aim is to capitalise on its power and friends/followers’ influence to drive bookings and build loyalty. Hotels are rethinking their marketing strategies to reach online audiences in a more personalised and intimate way. Uncertainty, however, remains about how to determine return on investment.

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3. New British Cuisine

There has been a global perception that UK cuisine is honest, but bland and unimaginative. However, there have been a number of advancements in the restaurant industry throughout the UK, which means that the hotel industry will have to identify these emerging trends in order to compete strongly within the F&B sector.

Gastronomic innovations from some of the leading independent chefs in this country have resulted in ‘New British’ cuisine sweeping through high-end restaurants. Traditional British dishes have been reworked and modified to incorporate a broader range of flavours, ingredients and cooking techniques.

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4. Gamification

Gamification, or the integration of gaming dynamics in non-gaming environments, started in the US entertainment industry and is now spreading to the travel and tourism industry. By encouraging consumers to join competitions and share their experiences, photos and videos, the trend generate brand awareness and loyalty for travel companies. It works through the offering of points, badges and real-life gifts, with some websites allowing web users to explore the country’s attractions, complete challenges and win trips to the desired country.

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5. End of the Euro?

By its nature the hotel industry is an international business and therefore exposed to the volatility of the Eurozone crisis. If a Eurozone breakup was to occur we could see national currencies devaluing by 40% impacting profits derived from Euro transactions.

Already, many multi-national companies are modelling and preparing for a Eurozone breakup … Is your business ready for a potential Eurozone breakup?

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