Copthorne Hotel Birmingham: Meet the GM of Copthorne Hotel Birmingham

Mat Williams reflects on his first two months as GM of Copthorne Hotel Birmingham. Here, he speaks to

Meet the GM:

  • Name: Mat Williams
  • Property:Copthorne Hotel Birmingham
  • Number of rooms: 211 How did you begin your career as a hotelier?

Williams: Having worked a little bit in the hospitality industry in my native Australia, I backpacked around Europe in 2000 I found myself working in a hotel restaurant in Gatwick as a waiter and progressed from there. How would you describe your style of management?

Williams: I would consider myself hands on manager and a laid back person in general. I am very approachable and have found that this has been a great asset within all the teams I have worked with. What achievements are you most proud of at your current property?

Williams: Well having just completed my first month I think there are many achievements to come for the Copthorne Hotel Birmingham. I think it is more a case of watch this space, but the strategy hereon in is all about sales and raising the profile of the hotel. What keeps you awake at night?

Williams: At the moment it is my six month old daughter Tilly! However, once she has woken me up I find myself thinking of potential new opportunities that I want to try and capture. How is the market changing in your sector and region?

Williams: From what I have seen in my short time in the area it appears that the rate has declined from previous years due to a number of factors. It is now all about getting the right business in at the right rate.

Mat Williams’ top three pieces of advice for hoteliers:

  1. Keep it simple. We really like to overcomplicate the things we do.
  2. Get your team on board with your plans.
  3. Speak to your guests. Again this sounds simple but it is amazing what you find out.

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