Royal Wedding: Top 5 Royal Wedding Tips for Hoteliers

As part of our interview with Paul van Meerendonk, senior consultant at IDeaS Advantage, we have asked him to compile his top 5 Royal Wedding tips for UK hoteliers.

You can read the full Royal Wedding interview or download IDeaS Advantage’s free Royal Wedding report.

Top 5 Tips for the Royal Wedding:

  1. Put together extended length of stay packages or enforce minimum stay requirements
    While hoteliers can expect double-digit RevPAR increase on the wedding day itself, to capitalise on the shoulder periods surrounding the event, hoteliers should encourage longer booking periods by either enforcing a minimum length of stay requirement for that weekend, or putting together extended length of stay packages.
  2. Keep balanced
    Hotels may find that their known customers are hesitant about visiting London for the event weekend due to pricing and logistical concerns. In the interest of boosting occupancy over the long-term, hoteliers are advised to pay strategic attention to both normal base business and wedding-generated business.
  3. Clearly articulate your cancellation policy
    For every major event there is a large amount of expected cancellations. However, if your hotel has a watertight, clear and concise cancellation policy you will be able to dramatically minimize any negative impact on revenue from last-minute cancellations. Make sure that your hotel’s cancellation policy is communicated clearly to the sales and reservations teams.
  4. Keep overbooking levels around 5%
    IDeaS Hospitality Consulting’s research has shown that hotels, while expecting demand to reach unprecedented levels, actually tend to only reach 95% occupancy during major events. Depending on your business mix and the number of guaranteed bookings you have, it is generally recommended to overbook your hotel by at least 5%. This should be gradually reduced as transient pace increases and groups are being washed to more accurate numbers.
  5. Target your approach to ancillary services
    Food and beverage revenue has shown to come in below expectations on the major event day itself. It is therefore important to focus on meeting and event sales, and food and beverage marketing efforts, on the days leading up to and after the royal wedding, as there will be a greater need to drive revenue during this period. Occupancy levels should also allow hoteliers to create attractively priced rooms plus F&B and meeting packages throughout the royal wedding event period.

You can read the full Royal Wedding interview or download IDeaS Advantage’s free Royal Wedding report.


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