‘The Hotel’: New Reality TV Series, ‘The Hotel’, Seeks Independent Owners

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Dragonfly Film and Television, the BAFTA award-winning makers of reality programmes like One Born Every Minute and The Family, are currently looking for an independently owned hotel in the UK to become the star of a new series, The Hotel, reports hotel-industry.co.uk.

The new television series will follow the day-to-day operation of a busy hotel and tap into the compelling stories of its staff and guests. But this is not an investigative piece – rather, the company is aiming to capture a light-hearted snapshot of life in 21st Century Britain.

The Hotel: Could It Be You?

Dragonfly are currently looking for a hotel for the second series of the reality show. The first series is already “in the can” and is due to air in the Spring, but the name of the hotel featured is strictly embargoed until broadcast.

Reportedly, the first series of The Hotel featured a three-star offering in the Lake district.

“Our concerns as owners were that the cameras would frighten away the guests,” said the owner of the hotel featured in the first series. “Also, that the crew would be a nuisance, the process would upset the staff and make a fool of the hotel.”

“The reality was that very few guests were put off by the cameras and that the filming process was unobtrusive – and great fun! Dragonfly were great with both the guests and staff – and the reaction of our guests and employees was, on the whole, very positive.”

So, does your hotel have the potential to be the focal point of this exciting new series? Ideally, the production company is looking for independent operations with over 40 rooms and catering to a range of events over the summer months.

If you are interested in being the next hotel, please contact Anshu on Anshu.ahuja@dragonfly.tv or 020 7033 2267 for further information.


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