Published on 14 March 2011

Apex City of London: Meet the GM of The Apex City of London Hotel

Robert Flinter, GM of The Apex City of London speaks to about his first four months running Apex Hotel’s flagship London property.

Meet the GM:

  1. Name: Robert Flinter
  2. Property: Apex City of London
  3. Number of rooms: 179 How did you begin your career as a hotelier?

Flinter: Well, it all started back in Dublin when I took a summer job at a big tourist and leisure hotel located near my house. That job was so much fun and the hotel was full all the time. It just continued from there. How would you describe your style of management?

Flinter: I’m still learning, so it does have to be adaptable. I think that all of my team would say that I am quite honest and direct … and I agree! What keeps you awake at night?

Flinter: How we are going to get young people to come into the industry and consider hospitality as a serious career option? I think this is a significant problem in this country. I really thought we would see an uplift when the recession kicked in, but recruitment is still very difficult. How is the market changing in your sector and region?

Flinter: Competition is, I think, the biggest issue. With so many new hotels opening or in the pipeline across the city of London, we really need to stay on our toes. What is your strategy moving forwards?

Flinter: Simple! Ensure our guests have a fantastic stay – they will then come back and stay with us again and again.

Robert Flinter’s top three pieces of advice for hoteliers:

  1. Be open to change
  2. Work hard
  3. Help promote our industry as a good place to work
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