Apex City of London: Meet the GM of The Apex City of London Hotel

Robert Flinter, GM of The Apex City of London speaks to hotel-industry.co.uk about his first four months running Apex Hotel’s flagship London property.

Meet the GM:

  1. Name: Robert Flinter
  2. Property: Apex City of London
  3. Number of rooms: 179

Hotel-industry.co.uk: How did you begin your career as a hotelier?

Flinter: Well, it all started back in Dublin when I took a summer job at a big tourist and leisure hotel located near my house. That job was so much fun and the hotel was full all the time. It just continued from there.

Hotel-industry.co.uk: How would you describe your style of management?

Flinter: I’m still learning, so it does have to be adaptable. I think that all of my team would say that I am quite honest and direct … and I agree!

Hotel-industry.co.uk: What keeps you awake at night?

Flinter: How we are going to get young people to come into the industry and consider hospitality as a serious career option? I think this is a significant problem in this country. I really thought we would see an uplift when the recession kicked in, but recruitment is still very difficult.

Hotel-industry.co.uk: How is the market changing in your sector and region?

Flinter: Competition is, I think, the biggest issue. With so many new hotels opening or in the pipeline across the city of London, we really need to stay on our toes.

Hotel-industry.co.uk: What is your strategy moving forwards?

Flinter: Simple! Ensure our guests have a fantastic stay – they will then come back and stay with us again and again.

Robert Flinter’s top three pieces of advice for hoteliers:

  1. Be open to change
  2. Work hard
  3. Help promote our industry as a good place to work

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