Tourism Jobs: £100m Fund to Create 50,000 New Tourism Jobs

Last August, as part of David Cameron’s landmark speech on tourism, a challenge was laid down: to create a marketing fund of more than £100 million to boost tourism around the forthcoming Royal Wedding, The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and The London Olympic and Paralympic Games.

According to the Prime Minister, the fund is currently on target and Cameron has high hopes for its economic benefits.

“This year and next will see the eyes of the world focused on Britain as never before,” he said at a Downing Street reception last week. “A Royal Wedding, Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee and of course the London Olympic and Paralympic Games offer us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, not just for national pride and celebration, but also to promote this country as the perfect tourist destination.”

We’ll have to wait until Spring to discover exactly how this marketing fund will be distributed over a four-year window, but its primary aims are to deliver an extra one million overseas visitors a year, generate an extra £2 billion in visitor spending and create an extra 50,000 new jobs across the country.

Companies including British Airways, DFDS (ferries),, P&O and Radisson Edwardian have pledged cash and payment in kind to help match the £50 million of public money already committed by national tourism agency, VisitBritain.

“Last year we challenged British businesses to help us put together the best tourism marketing campaign ever for Britain,” continued Cameron, “something that will make us the must-see destination for visitors from new growth markets in Asia and Latin America, as well as core ones like Europe and the USA.”

“The response has been magnificent, with pledges of cash and kind from companies that mean we are well on the way to our target.”

Fresh Opportunities

It is refreshing to see so much support, both financial and political, for a stronger and more robust UK tourism industry. For the time being, the relationship between the Government and private companies seems harmonious, enabling a strategic attempt to capitalise on the string of forthcoming high-profile events.

“This will put Britain on the wish list of the fast-growing Asian and Latin American markets, and revitalise our appeal in core markets such as near Europe and the USA,” said Sandie Dawe, VisitBritain’s chief executive.

“Britain is poised to host an unprecedented series of events over the next few years. This will offer us a golden opportunity to showcase ourselves to the world, and to work with partners, to present compelling offers and reasons to visit now.”


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