Published on 25 January 2011

North-West, UK: Why Tourists Visit the North-West, UK

Research from VisitBritain reveals why tourists visit the North-West, UK and estimates the tourist spend in the region. Find out why 2.1 million people visit the North-West.

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North-West: Blackpool, football and good cheer

Overseas visitors were attracted to the North-West last year mainly by a potent mix of sociability, soccer and seaside entertainment.

A remarkable 61% said they spent time while in the area “socialising with the locals,” the highest figure for any area of England and some 57% went to the pub.

Significantly, 19% of visitors said they had come for a ’miscellaneous’ purpose and when researchers looked more closely it emerged 61% of these watched a football match.

Some 23% of foreign holidaymakers headed for the seaside including such attractions as Blackpool Pleasure Beach, with more than 5.5 million international and domestic visitors a year.

North-West, UK: Key Data

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