Guest Profile: Creating a Regional Guest Profile

New guest profile research reveals why tourists visit specific regions in the UK. Could this new intelligence transform your hotel marketing campaign?

As any hotelier will testify, understanding the specific needs of your guests is paramount. With good quality guest profile technology in place, this is relatively straightforward when it comes to repeat customers – but what about first-time international visitors?

Last month, VisitBritain revealed research that showed big variations in the way overseas travellers enjoy themselves in different parts of Britain.

Combined with existing guest profiles and research into the expectations of key source markets, this regional data could transform your marketing campaign.

“This detailed report gives us a fascinating insight into exactly what attracted 30 million overseas visitors to Britain last year,” said Patricia Yates, VisitBritain’s director of strategy and communications. “It shows different areas of Britain have strong individual identities as tourism destinations in their own right.”

Guest Profiles by Region

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