Essential Products: Guest Security Technology

Hotel security has leapt to the top of the agenda in recent years and hoteliers are looking for new products to improve security for their guests. We bring you some key hotel security products from our Hotel Supplier Directory.

RFiD Hotel Locking System

By TillSecure Systems (View Directory Listing)
Our RFiD Hotel Locking Systems give contactless access control to your guests and staff for a cost equivalent to older systems. New builds and upgrades can benefit from this technology and reap the rewards of wireless access; Non contact means no cleaning of read heads, no misreads of cards and no panic when a card or key gets misplaced. Increase your guest confidence and reduce your maintenance at the same time.

LoxSmart Cabinet Locks

By RFID Infotek (View Directory Listing)
LoxSmart Cabinet Locks complete the indoor need of access control and safety of guests. Using our One Key LoxSmart system, Cabinet Locks provide the convenience of contactless authentication.

Hotel Locking System

By TLJ Security Systems Ltd (View Directory Listing)
Our guest room door technology is structured around a popular form of access control, yet is still relatively new to the Hotel sector. The distinct advantages of RFID technology, means it is beginning to replace the more traditional magnetic card locking systems within the Hotel industry. No need to insert or swipe the key card. Anti-cloning technology. Future Proof. No Interference.

LoxSmart Front Desk Unit

By RFID Infotek (View Directory Listing)
LoxSmart Front Desk Unit is ideal for hotels that need a complete access control solution. FDU is interfaced with the Hotel Management Solution to encode keycards and key-fobs. Track users, read access control data, lock programming and performing auditing locks. The unit can be upgraded and reconfigured instantly on-site. Audits can be exported in text files to USB flash memory drives. Stylish and discreet, it can occupy a very small desk space.

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