Strategic Planning: Strategic Planning for Hoteliers

Our new series simplifies Strategic Planning for hoteliers … Learn how to develop a strategic plan step-by-step!

In this Five-Part series, Enda Larkin, author of How to Run a Great Hotel, seeks to demystify the strategic planning process for hoteliers, particularly those in small and medium sized operations.

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You can read all five parts here:

Part 1: Demystifying Strategic Planning

The ability to create a realistic strategic map for any business begins with having strong stakeholder-focus and any hotel has a variety of stakeholders …Read More

Part 2: How to Develop a Strategic Map for Your Hotel Business

The first important stage in building your strategic map is to review where you are now as a business, which means reflecting upon a series of interrelated sub-questions …Read More

Part 3: How to Develop a Mission Statement and Vision

The next stage in building your strategic map involves answering the question: Where do we want to be? …Read More

Part 4: How to Create a Goal-Driven Business Strategy

Having business goals is great, but still meaningless, unless something is done to make them a reality. This is where strategy and plans come in …Read More

Part 5: How to Measure Strategic Plan Progress

 How should you measure the progress of your strategic plan? … Enda Larkin concludes his Five-Part series on strategic planning for hoteliers …Read More


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