TripAdvisor – Top Tips For Hoteliers

Is TripAdvisor causing you a headache? We bring you top tips for dealing with negative reviews on TripAdvisor from industry professionals worldwide.

“When in receipt of a bad review, you should apologise and thank the reviewer for their insight. Take the opportunity to boast a little and redirect their focus to the features of your property that are good! Suggest they give your location a second try and ask them to connect with you personally when making their reservation. This gives the traveller an honest sense of recognition and gives you the opportunity to do something extra special the next time around. Unfortunately, we can’t make everyone happy, but we should always want to try!” – Chris Schlosser, General Manager, Hampton Inn

“Don’t shy away from bad reviews. Rather, investigate the issue and turn it into a learning experience. Contact the reviewer if possible and offer amends, not expecting a great review in return but remaining true to your commitment to quality. You will be surprised by the way customers react to a genuine attempt to improve the shortcomings of your business.” – Ioannis S Pantelidis, Senior Lecturer in Hospitality and Tourism Management, London Metropolitan University

“First of all, determine whether the review is genuine or has it been posted by a competitor? If it has, report it immediately and it will be removed. I’ve done this several times with success.
However, if you believe that the review is genuine, I would suggest you to respond it.
Don’t copy and paste the same apology, but come up with something that directly touches the guest. Simply address the incident and let the guest know that you still remember them and that you will sincerely try to ensure that the same mistake will not be repeated on their next visit. Other prospective guests will also notice that these issues rarely happen at the property – they know this because the manager remembers exactly what happened.” – Ruchit Vachhrajani, general manager, Comfort Inn

“Register with TripAdvisor so that you can monitor your reviews by receiving notification. Assuming the review is genuine, don’t take things personally – and even if you don’t agree with all the comments, remember this is the guest’s perception. Are there trends emerging suggesting others see the things the same way?” – Caroline Cooper, Zeal Coaching

“TripAdvisor has been a great tool for us … even the bad reviews! We have had guests tell us that they have specifically chosen our hotel because of our responses. I think that you should handle bad reviews just like any other complaint:

  1. 1. Acknowledge and apologise, apologise, apologise
  2. 2. Keep excuses to a minimum, and also be careful of how much specificity you go into. Remember the whole world is reading
  3. 3. Get across to the reviewer that you care and that you want to rectify their complaint
  4. 4. Highlight what you can from a marketing perspective. For example: “Thank you for sharing this with me; it just so happens that we are taking care of this issue as part of our continuing improvements to the property – next time it will be a much better experience!”
  5. 5. We make a public comment, but for negative reviews we also copy the public comment in a private message to the reviewer to ensure delivery. This is especially important if you want someone to return and re-experience the property.”

– Michael Halpner, General Manager, Artmore Hotel

“Ask your clients for their feedback on TripAdvisor – put the request on their hotel bill or follow up with an email thanking them for their stay. More positive reviews diminish the negative ones. Hotels with a lot of negative reviews should consider looking at the reality of their guest experience. Hire a mystery shopping firm and seriously look at getting some outside training to turn your situation around.” – Wendy Cole, Managing Director, Hospitality Growth Solutions (formerly Virtual Travel Solutions


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